Pest Identification: Ants in Tennessee

Whether you’re holding a barbecue in your backyard or preparing for a Tennessee Titans watch party indoors, there’s one tiny nuisance pest you need to worry about: ants. The small soldiers and workers live in colonies hundreds or even thousands of ants strong in nests made in dirt or wood. When they find food on your property, you might be surprised how quickly they can march into your home in a line. 

At U.S. Pest Protection, we offer ant control for both homes and businesses. Our expert technicians are trained to find and address the root of your ant problem and provide the best and most effective solutions for you. Discover more about ants in Tennessee below, and if you’re ready to get in touch, contact our team for the best Tennessee pest control today!

What risks do ants pose?

Unlike some other pests, ants don’t generally build nests in your home; instead, you’ll find their nests outdoors. If you keep a close eye, you’ll notice ants carry food and other items back to the nests. Just because they nest outside your home doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about them, though—they are experts at finding their way into your property.

Ants are generally nuisance pests, which means they tend not to pose direct property damage or health risks to your or your pets. However, some species—such as the fire ant—have painful bites. Ants can destroy or contaminate food they come into contact with as they eat it and take it back to the nest. 

Additionally, an ant infestation isn’t just problematic in and of itself. Other pests feed on insects, and the presence of ants in your property could eventually attract other pests. 

Types of Ants in Tennessee

There are thousands of ant species across the world and hundreds in the United States. Here in Tennessee, our expert pest control technicians routinely encounter a handful of them. Some of the common types of ants in Tennessee include:

Where to Find Ants

When ants are marching into your dining room to eat a fallen piece of bread you forgot about, they are easy to spot. But what if you’re trying to get rid of an infestation or taking a look outside to figure out if you have ants near your Tennessee home or business? Here are some common places to find them. 

Where to Find Ants in Your Home

  • Your kitchen—From your pantry to your cabinets and countertops, they love finding the food in your kitchen for their nests.
  • Your bathroom—Ants don’t just seek out food. Like other insects, ants need water, and the standing water in your bathroom is easy game.
  • Your trash—Ants are great climbers and can get into trash cans with ease. They are also more than happy to eat food remnants you didn’t want to eat.

Where to Find Ants Outside

  • By mounds of dirt—Mounds of dirt that ants excavate from their caves are some of the clearest signs ants are nearby.
  • By rotting wood—Some species, nest within rotting wood, so keep an eye out for moist or rotting wood for their colonies.
  • By pavement cracks—They like to build their underground nests in between cracks or openings in your pavements. 

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At U.S. Pest Protection, we understand that having pests in your Tennessee home or business is not pleasant. That’s why we offer fast, effective, efficient, and affordable pest control solutions. We can help eliminate infestations and address the root cause of your pest problems. Best of all, we guarantee a quick turnaround—we’ll be at your home or business within 24 hours. 

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