Crazy Ants

Crazy ants are a pest ant species commonly found throughout the United States. It is called the crazy ant because when foraging for food, the worker ants run around in an erratic manner instead of forming a straight line.

Facts to remember for crazy ants

  • They are called crazy ants because the workers run around in an erratic manner when foraging for food
  • Workers have very long antennae and legs compared to their body
  • Crazy ants will feed on a wide variety of food sources

Crazy Ant Characteristics

The crazy ant is brown to grayish black in color and about 1/16-1/8 inch in length. If you look closely the antennae and legs are long in comparison to the ant’s body. All the ant workers are generally the same size.


Control of crazy ants

Inspection and location of the nest are crucial for control. Control may require a combination of measures. Proper control will require a professional inspection and treatment program.

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Colonies and habitat

Crazy ant colonies can be found in dry and moist habitats. These ants will abandon a established nest and move to another location. Seeing winged flying swarming ants from this species is rare. Colonies can be small to very large.

Furthermore, these ants will nest indoors underneath floors, carpeting and wall voids, They are attracted to areas near hot water pipes and heaters. Outdoors they nest in soil under rocks and debris, next to foundations, mulch and cavities in plants and trees. Ants will forage up to 100 feet in search of food.

Indoors crazy ants will feed on almost any food source but may be more attracted to dead insects and sweets. Outdoors these ants feed on live and dead insects, seeds, fruit and honeydew a sweet secretion produced by aphids and mealybugs on plants.

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