Pest Identifier: Crazy Ants in Tennessee

From acrobat ants to fire ants, there’s a wide range of unusual ant species found throughout Tennessee and the United States. One species that definitely earns its name is the crazy ant. Named after their frantic style of movement, crazy ants are some of the most frustrating pests to deal with. Once they invade your home or yard, their colonies’ populations can skyrocket quickly, leaving you swarmed and overwhelmed.

Stop your crazy ant infestation before it’s too late with U.S. Pest Protection. Our experienced pest professionals are proud to offer effective control and prevention solutions to keep your home or business safe from these unpleasant visitors. Contact us today and discover how we can pest-proof your property.

How to Identify Crazy Ants

Discovered in 2002 by an exterminator in Texas, crazy ants, also called tawny ants or rasberry crazy ants, are easy to identify by their quick, erratic movements and tendency to form large swarms. Measuring at 3 millimeters long, they range from dark brown to black in color.

While they’re not considered dangerous, crazy ants can become a frustrating burden for the homes and businesses they infest. They’re known to crawl into and destroy electronics, such as televisions and laptops, and often crawl all over people. If you believe you’ve found crazy ants on your property, don’t hesitate to request a free inspection from U.S. Pest Protection.

Where to Find Crazy Ants

Like other ant species, crazy ants are drawn to the food storage and moisture of your home or business. Their strange movements may make it easier to spot them in your home, but these strange pests often travel from to forage for food. This makes finding their nest almost impossible without the help of pest experts. If you’re concerned about crazy ants on your property, contact U.S. Pest Protection today.

Trust U.S. Pest Protection to Stop Crazy Ants

It may be tempting to try to solve your crazy ant problem with traps from the store, but resist the urge. Due to the massive size of their colonies, crazy ants are extremely difficult to get rid of without professional help. The moment you find crazy ants darting around your home, business, or yard, bring in U.S. Pest Protection.  

Once we’ve inspected your property and identified the source of your crazy ant problem, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your options for effective pest control solutions. We’ll also go over preventative measures, such as sealing cracks and holes in your Tennessee home or business, to prevent future infestations. Stop crazy ants in their tracks with U.S. Pest Protection and schedule your free inspection today!  

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