Bed Bug Treatment and Removal in Tennessee

Bed bug infestations are notoriously hard to get rid of. Over-the-counter deterrents and do-it-yourself tricks are often ineffective, which is a bad thing for Tennessee residents dealing with bed bugs. That’s because bed bugs can cause painful, itching bites and wage indirect psychological warfare. It’s hard to get comfortable if you know that little bugs are trying to suck your blood, after all.

Thankfully, U.S. Pest Protection is here to provide the bed bug treatment and removal you need to rid the bloodsucking pests from your mattresses, furniture, and even clothing. We’re the Tennessee bed bug experts you can trust with ridding them from your home.

How to Tell if You Have Bed Bugs

It’s very important to identify a bed bug infestation as early as possible. The more bed bugs there are, the harder they are to get rid of—and bed bugs reproduce quickly, with a single bed bug queen producing more than 300 bed bugs every 15 weeks. 

What does a bed bug look like?

Bed bugs are wingless, flat, oval-shaped bugs that bear a resemblance to ticks. Adults can grow as long as ¼” in length, and can therefore be seen by the naked eye. The color of bed bugs ranges from grey to brown, but they turn rust-colored after feeding. 

How do you find bed bugs?

Bed bugs are often found in beds, as their name suggests. But bed bugs aren’t just found in beds. They can be found in a variety of places, including in the seams and in between the cushions of chairs and couches, in curtain folds, and even in electrical appliances. Keep an eye out for the following physical signs of bed bugs:

  • Rust-colored or reddish-brown stains on your sheets and mattresses
  • Dark spots (excrement) about the size of a period on a piece of paper on furniture and around your bed
  • White or pale yellow eggs about 1/16” long in cracks and crevices
  • Physical bed bugs

How We Treat Bed Bugs

U.S. Pest Protection is committed to providing industry-leading, effective pest control. We take a multi-pronged approach to bed bug treatment and offer multiple different treatment options depending on your specific situation, and we customize every treatment to be as effective as possible. 

Bed Bug Inspection

Our professional technicians have experience dealing with Tennessee bed bug infestations and are adept at inspecting your home for signs of bed bugs. We’ll look at your mattress and bed frame as well as other furniture such as tables, desks, and couches. Once we determine the extent of your bed bug infestation and where the bed bugs are, we’ll move forward with treatment.

Trust U.S. Pest Protection for Bed Bug Treatments

You shouldn’t be afraid to sleep in your own home. That’s why U.S. Pest Protection is here—to provide the Tennessee bed bug treatment you need to sleep soundly at night. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, and you get your money back if we don’t completely eradicate your bed bug infestation. Combined with inspection and ongoing treatments, we’ll help you say bed bug-free, too. Tired of things that go bite in the night? Contact U.S. Pest Protection.