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Mosquitos are the world’s deadliest insect—not because they themselves are dangerous, but because of how many diseases they spread to humans. There have been confirmed cases of West Nile Virus, encephalitis, dog heartworm disease, Zika, and Dengue Fever in Tennessee from mosquito transmission. Furthermore, everyone who has been bitten by a mosquito knows just how itchy and uncomfortable it can be. 

Don’t let a fear of mosquitos and a reluctance to become a snack for these bugs stop you from enjoying your backyard. U.S. Pest Protection can help eliminate mosquitoes from your property and keep them away, attacking them where they breed and where they live. Mosquitos are an annoyance and a threat to your well-being, so contact us for the best mosquito control in Tennessee. 

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How to Prevent Mosquitos from Bothering You 

While it is difficult to prevent mosquitos from your property completely, there are steps you can take to prevent your mosquito population from getting out of control—and there are some steps that aren’t actually very effective.

DO: Prevent Mosquitos from Breeding and Maturing

Mosquitos undergo a four-stage life cycle of egg, larva, pupa, and adult. While adult mosquitos fly, the larva and pupa stages of mosquitos require water to survive. To prevent large populations from breeding, make sure they can’t do so:

  • Seal water deposits and fix water leaks
  • Clean bird baths, pools, and ponds
  • Drain standing water in buckets, tires, and flower pots
  • Install screens on your windows and doors

DON’T: Rely on Passive Techniques to Completely Work

Two common mosquito repellant techniques include the passive bug zapper and citronella plant. However, both prevention methods are flawed. The vast majority of bugs that bug zappers zap aren’t mosquitos, making them only partially viable in assisting with mosquito control measures. Citronella plants are also mostly ineffective in repelling mosquitos and other bugs, so you can’t rely on them to solve your mosquito problem.


Take your environment back with U.S. Pest Protection’s seasonal mosquito treatments that are proven and successful all year round.

How does U.S. Pest Protection treat mosquitos?

U.S. Pest Protection utilizes a variety of methods to knock your mosquito population down to manageable levels. We customize our mosquito control approach to your specific needs and situation, maximizing the effectiveness of our service.

Larval Control

A vital component of mosquito control is nipping the problem in the bud by getting rid of mosquitos during the larval phase. After hatching from their eggs, larval mosquitos live in water sources, using air tubes called siphons to breathe. 

Our technicians will examine standing water sources around your property, such as ponds and even pet water bowls, to determine where the mosquito larvae are. Once they do so, our technicians will either physically remove the standing water if possible or apply a chemical treatment larvicide that specifically targets mosquito populations.

Liquid Treatments

In addition to our larval mosquito control, U.S. Pest Protection can control adult populations through the application of liquid treatments called adulticides. Our liquid sprays are applied to common areas of adult mosquito congregation and help reduce the adult mosquito population around your home. We modify our liquid treatment approach to be effective even when there is high wind or rain. 

Fogging Treatments

Like liquid treatments, fogging treatments are designed to kill adult mosquito populations. The chemicals used are similar to the ones used for liquid treatments, but in our fogging treatments, the chemicals are applied via a fine mist or aerosol. 

Say No to Mosquitos with U.S. Pest Protection

If you can’t leave your house without being swarmed by mosquitoes and your DIY approaches aren’t working, it’s time to call U.S. Pest Protection. We offer a free inspection to help you determine the extent of your mosquito problem and what kind of solutions will best work for you. Stop waiting and get rid of those pesky bugs—give us a call or contact us online today!


Our Mosquito Pest Professional Experts Can Help Keep Your Home Mosquito-Free.


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