Protect your Tennessee business and its reputation with commercial pest control from U.S. Pest Protection. Our routine monthly pest control services can help keep you, your facility, employees, and customers safe.

Business Pest Control Solutions

U.S. Pest Protection offers comprehensive pest management services for a variety of industries throughout Tennessee and the greater Nashville area. Keeping a pest-free commercial environment is key to protecting your business’s reputation. Our services help you do that with confidence. Contact us to ask about commercial and business pest control services today.

Industries We Serve



Commercial pest control is absolutely necessary to keep factories in operation and warehoused products safe from damage due to pests. The constant flow of traffic in and out of these businesses make them particularly sensitive to pest problems. U.S. Pest Protection offers regular pest control treatments on a weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis. In addition to this regular service, you also have access to a 24-hour emergency pest service line.

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Keeping your office clean and pest-free is important for your reputation and employee productivity. With decades of pest control experience, U.S. Pest Protection pays special attention to your building’s structure and unique pest pressures. We understand the importance of hectic business schedules and have come up with accommodating systems to ensure your needs are met with minimal interruption.

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Commercial-Pest-Control-Retail Stores


Commercial retailers rely on business pest control to protect your goods, storefront, and customers. U.S. Pest’s commercial services are an all-inclusive solution to stop any pest problems before they start. Keep patrons focused on your products and not pests.

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Pest problems can be a severe threat to the health of your diners, ruin your reputation, and destroy your business. Don’t take chances with the cleanliness of your establishment. Call the experts. U.S. Pest professional pest technicians inspect your entire restaurant facility and develop a full pest control treatment and prevention plan to protect your business, staff, and customers.

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Meet Just a Few of Our Commercial Pest Control Customers


"Amazing Customer Service"

"I'm writing to commend U.S. Pest for their great service. Your inspectors are thorough and efficient. They explain everything where anyone can understand it. You know what service you are purchasing and why. Your technicians are on schedule always and do little extras requested with no problem. Your prices are reasonable, as I have done business with other pest control companies who charge more and don't give anywhere near as good service as U.S. Pest. All of your employees are friendly and helpful. We enjoy having them serve us." -Gallatin, TN

"Great Pest Control Results"

"We love U.S. Pest Protection because of the stand the company takes. The chemicals U.S. Pest uses are pet and environment friendly. That is very important to us as an industry. We like our pest technician because he is always so friendly and happy to see us. His professionalism in the workplace teaches our employees a valuable lesson of how they should present themselves on a daily basis professionally. More importantly, it's great to see a company who really cares for their employees as much as their very own customers." -Portland, TN

U.S. Pest Proudly Protects the Nashville Skyline

U.S. Pest is a leading pest control company that has made a significant impact on the Nashville skyline by protecting 25% of the city’s largest buildings from pests. In a city known for its vibrant music scene and thriving business community, this is a significant accomplishment that has earned U.S. Pest recognition as a leading provider of pest control services in the area.

U.S. Pest has been providing pest control services to Nashville’s business community for many years, and has a reputation for providing top-notch services that are both effective and affordable. With a team of highly trained and experienced professionals, U.S. Pest has been able to provide a level of protection to Nashville’s largest buildings that is unmatched by any other pest control company in the area.

The 25% of the largest buildings that U.S. Pest protects in Nashville include some of the city’s most iconic structures, including high-rise office buildings, warehouses, and retail spaces. These buildings are the heart of Nashville’s business community, and U.S. Pest’s commitment to protecting them from pests has had a positive impact on the city’s economy, helping to ensure that the city remains a thriving business hub.

U.S. Pest’s success in protecting 25% of Nashville’s largest buildings is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing top-quality services to its customers. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to using the latest technologies and techniques, U.S. Pest is at the forefront of the pest control industry, providing services that are both effective and affordable.

U.S. Pest has made a significant impact on the Nashville skyline by protecting 25% of the city’s largest buildings from pests. With its commitment to providing top-notch services and its focus on innovation, U.S. Pest is a leading provider of pest control services in the area, and is helping to ensure that Nashville remains a thriving business hub for years to come.

Why Cockroaches, Mice, and Spiders Are Bad For Business

Roaches, mice, and spiders are common pests that can cause significant problems for commercial establishments in Tennessee – such as offices, warehouses, and businesses. While these pests may seem harmless, they can pose serious health and safety risks, as well as cause financial losses, and impact productivity. At U.S. Pest, we will explain why these pests are bad for offices, warehouses, and businesses and explore appropriate methods of what can be done to prevent them with U.S. Pest services and solutions.


Health Risks

Roaches, mice, and spiders carry and spread various diseases that can harm humans. Roaches are known to carry bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause food poisoning, gastroenteritis, and other illnesses. Mice and spiders can also carry diseases and parasites, such as Hantavirus, Lyme disease, and Salmonella. When these pests infest offices, warehouses, or businesses, they can spread diseases through contamination of food and surfaces, which can result in widespread illness and lost productivity.


Financial Losses

In addition to posing health risks – roaches, mice, and spiders can also cause financial losses for offices, warehouses, and businesses in the commercial realm. Roaches and mice are known to feed on and damage stored food, products, and materials, causing significant losses in stock. Also, these pests can cause damage to electrical and mechanical systems, which can result in costly repairs. Spiders can be problematic in the sense that they can spin webs in hard-to-reach areas, clog-up air ducts and other systems, causing damage and impacting the efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.


Impact on Productivity

The presence of roaches, mice, and spiders can negatively impact productivity in office, warehouse, and business environments. These pests can create unpleasant and unsanitary working conditions, causing employees to become distracted and less productive. In addition, employees may become stressed or fearful, leading to decreased morale and higher absenteeism. This can ultimately affect the bottom line and cause long-term harm to a business’s reputation.

Roaches, mice, and spiders are common pests that are known to cause significant problems for businesses. They pose health risks, cause financial losses, and impact productivity. On top of using pest control services from U.S. Pest, to further prevent these types of pests in your place of work, businesses should implement effective pest control measures – such as regular cleaning and sanitation, sealing cracks and holes in buildings. U.S. Pest’s control and prevention services are used by over 25% of the downtown Nashville skyline. By utilizing U.S. Pest’s services and taking proactive measures to prevent these pests, businesses can minimize the risks they pose and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.


Why is Nashville surging with mice?

Nashville, the city known for its hot chicken and live music, is now facing a growing problem with its heavy population growth – a surge in the population of mice and rats in local businesses. But why is this happening, you ask? Well, we will explain from our first hand experience.

First of all, let’s talk about the music scene. The city is renowned for its vibrant music scene and is home to numerous honkey tonk bars and restaurants. And what do these establishments have in common? Drinks, food, and…well, a lot of crumbs! These crumbs are like a buffet (and not a Jimmy Buffet either) for our little furry friends, and they just can’t resist the temptation. So, it’s safe to say that the combination of a tourist town and the music industry has a lot to do with the surge in mice and rat populations, due to the significant amount of attention the Music City brings worldwide.

Nashville’s obsession with hot chicken doesn’t help with the increase in mice and rats. We all know that hot chicken is the city’s signature dish, and it’s no secret that Nashville residents love to enjoy it with a cold beer. But where there’s food, there’s bound to be crumbs, and where there are crumbs, there are mice and rats. Depending on the heat level of the Nashville hot chicken, it could solve the pest problem itself at certain, particular restaurant establishments.

Let’s elaborate on Nashville’s numerous bars and taverns – where patrons gather to enjoy a cold one after a long day at work. Now, what do these establishments have in common? Well, besides the drinks, some of them have a lot of peanuts! Did You Know: Peanuts are one of the favorite foods of mice and rats. This handful of particular eateries could also be a contributing factor to the mouse and rat invasion in the Music City.

Nashville’s music scene, hot chicken obsession, love for peanuts, eateries and bars are a primary reason for the uptick in mice and rats within local businesses. Once attracted to these establishments, they then carry-on to the next location. But don’t worry, Nashville residents, there’s no need to panic. Just remember to clean up those crumbs, secure your hot chicken leftovers, and keep those peanuts under lock and key. And if all else fails, just remember, U.S. Pest is only one phone call away!

U.S. Pest’s Nashville office is located in the beautiful Berry Hill neighborhood of Nashville where we keep our eyes on all the businesses standing tall and proud. If you own or manage a commercial business, remember we are just a rat’s hop away!






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