Business Pest Control Solutions

Are unwanted pests part of your store’s clientele?

Ensuring your retail store is pest-free is important to preserving your brand’s reputation, as well as protecting your merchandise. Retail establishments are vulnerable to many different types of pests due to the variety of spaces inside. From the stockroom to the sales floor and bathrooms to back offices, U.S. Pest Protection can help ensure any pest problems remain out-of-stock.

Clothes hanging on a clothing rack in a department store.

Protect Your Inventory—and Bottom Line—from Pest Intrusions

Prevent pests from eating away at your profits. As Middle Tennessee’s leading pest control provider, U.S. Pest Protection can help ensure your store remains pest-free. Whether it’s an ominous bird problem on the signage outside of your store or cockroach-infested cardboard, our pest experts can help identify existing and potential pest problems. Our green pest prevention programs are an all-inclusive solution to stop any pest problem before it starts.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed with U.S. Pest

Our pest control services are proven and trusted by business owners throughout Tennessee the Nashville area. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your pest treatment, our technicians will deliver correction services at no charge. We respond to all service calls within 24 hours, so contact us today to keep pests from stealing your customers’ attention.


A bird looking up out of a nest.


Bird Control Services

Birds aren’t just a noisy nuisance. They can cause property damage to your business’s storefront. When they roost on signage over your doors, they can also leave unpleasant (and unhealthy) droppings all over your front door. Contact U.S. Pest to eliminate these avian invaders.


Exhaust pipes on the exterior of a warehouse.


Exclusion Services

With multiple points of entry, retail stores are particularly vulnerable to pest problems. U.S. Pest can help. We’ll examine and identify any potential entry points for pests and take precautions to ensure your establishment is pest-free.

A gloved hand spraying a bottle of sanitizer.


Sanitation Services

Keeping your retail business clean is important for customer and employee safety. Our sanitation services will help you do just that, whether you’ve had a recent pest infestation or simply need a dedicated deep cleaning. Contact U.S. Pest to schedule your sanitizing services today.


Close-up of a fly.


Commercial Fly Control Services

If your storefront opens to the outdoors, flies can enter any time a customer comes in or leaves. U.S. Pest will help eliminate conditions in your business that allow flies to thrive and point out opportunities to reduce the presence of flies, including regular trash removal and other problems.

Woman with a clothespin on her nose.


Odor Control Services

Any unpleasant odors will make your store a less desirable place to shop. U.S. Pest will help identify the source of said foul odors and offer a variety of services to ensure your establishment continues to smell fresh and clean.