Pest protection is a need for homeowners. Protect your home from ants, bed-bugs, mosquitoes, roaches, rodents, spiders, stinging insects, termites, ticks, and more.


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Termites cause more damage to a home’s fundamental wooden architecture every year than any other natural disaster causing severe structural damage.


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Encapsulations prevent crawlspace issues. Excessive moisture can cause structural damage, provide the perfect environment for mold or wood rot, and attract insects.


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Pests in your place of business could be hurting your operation’s productivity, damaging your reputation with customers, and causing unwanted liabilities.


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Bed-bug treatments from U.S. Pest Protection have been proven to eradicate these resilient pests time and time again in Tennessee and Kentucky.


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Our convenient lawn care keeps your yard looking great while keeping the bugs at bay. Make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood with our lawn services.


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  • Great Company!

    I have been using U.S. Pest to protect my home and business for over a decade. The stance that this company takes on customer service has always been outstanding with a "whatever it takes" attitude. This company is fantastic and so are their friendly professionals.

    George M.
  • Caring for your customers!

    I love U.S. Pest because the chemicals you use are pet and environment friendly.  We like Bobby because he is always happy.  He is also very friendly and professional.  Thank you for hiring the best - like Bobby - and caring for your customers. Portland, TN

    Susan Seymour

“We protect what matters most and as confident leaders in the pest control industry we are raising the bar and setting the standards high. We believe the highest standards didn’t exist in the industry so we’ve created them.”

– Erica Brister, CEO & President


Careers at U.S. Pest

Our People Make The Difference At U.S. Pest Protection


Service Guarantee

At U.S. Pest, we do whatever it takes for our customers. It’s the reason more people are choosing us – and staying with us – year after year. In addition, we promise to protect your home from bug activity or we’ll offer a full refund of your contract. Furthermore, we will retreat your property for free. Above all, no other pest control company in Tennessee stands by their service like we do.

About Our Nashville Pest Control, Termite Protection, & Moisture Services

Pest Control

First of all, U.S. Pest Protection is the best pest control company in the industry. Our great customers are the ones that let us know this every day. Furthermore, we protect your home from ants, bed-bugs, mosquitoes, roaches, rodents, spiders, stinging insects, termites, ticks, and more. Above all, our pros go above and beyond to do the job right. In contrast, we offer commercial business solutions as well.

Termite Protection

Termite protection is an invest in your home’s future. Without a proper inspection, you may not know exactly what is going on in, around, or underneath your home. You can get a free inspection via U.S. Pest. As a result, you will be protected with a termite guarantee that is more valuable than home owners insurance.

Moisture Services

Protect from harmful moisture related issues in or under your home. We offers encapsulation services that are the best in the business. In addition, we offer moisture barrier solutions and preventative services against wood fungi and fungus growth in and underneath your home. Contact us today and we’ll provide service within 24 hours.

Other Services

Because we have the best professionals in the industry, we offer other services that expand your opportunities to relax and spend more time with your family. For the reason that we’re growing as a business, we have added services such as lawn & turf care services, ventilation system services, and more. Similarly, we also offer a wide variety of the same services for commercial business also.

Free Inspections

Almost every inspection that we offer is free for customers and non-customers. Certainly, we will inspect your home’s crawlspace for any issues that you may or may not know about. Rather than telling you, we will even document any concerns with camera proof for detail. As a result, we offer the best service in the industry!

Bill Pay & Account Management

Finally, after we have you in our system as a new customer, you can easily access your account online at Due to our newly integrated system, you can manage your account conveniently and access any information needed at your fingertips. As a result, we provide solutions that make you and your family’s lives easier.

Online Bill Pay & Account Management


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First of all, some people think that social media destroys human interaction and real life human relationships. Consequently, that can be the case. But, at U.S. Pest Protection, that is definitely not the case. In contrast, we believe strongly in human interaction. While other companies use automated phone systems, a human answers the phone 100% of the time at U.S. Pest. As a result, our customers are communicated to mainly in person or via phone communication. Most noteworthy, a human ALWAYS answers the phone at U.S. Pest. Likewise, when a U.S. Pest representative answers the phone, we always answer with the same greeting.

It’s an amazing day at U.S. Pest, you have our full attention!

Due to our focus on customer service at U.S. Pest, social media is indeed a great alternative resource for communication. Furthermore, it’s a great tool to connect more with our customers. Certainly, you can reach out to us any time on social media. Hence the links available above! Similarly, we are available to take care of your pest control needs 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Because we believe in our customers, we extend every avenue possible for communication. For the reason that we want to provide all of our customers with the best customer service possible! Finally, do you need a great pest control company? Rather than go with that self-automated competition, chose a company that actually cares. As a result, choose U.S. Pest Protection! Above all, U.S. Pest is the best pest control company in the industry! Contact us today!


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Pest Control Pro



First of all, U.S. Pest is #1 in Tennessee for a reason. In contrast, out of 20,000 companies in America, we are in the top 100 in the world. Most noteworthy, U.S. Pest and our people who protect you are on a mission to protect what matters most. As a result, you have our full attention from the moment you call to the day you move. Above all, we are with you the throughout the whole journey with U.S. Pest.


In addition, over 50,000 people are protected by U.S. Pest in Tennessee.  Furthermore, over 20,000 homes are protected from wood destroying insects and fungus.  We are experts in our field and set the standard for the trade of pest control. To add, our employees are drug tested. Also, they are required to have a clean driving record. As a result, our pros have a clean and investigated background check before they ever step foot in U.S. Pest, let alone allowed in or around your home.


Finally, we have license and certification credentials for the raving daily work that we perform for our customers. Most noteworthy, we house one of only two entomologists in the state of Tennessee that have his credentials. Furthermore, U.S. Pest has created pathways revolutionizing how pest control is done through strategic partnerships with beekeepers.


At U.S. Pest Protection, we protect your home AND we protect the bees. We believe the highest standards didn’t exist in the pest control industry, so we created them. In addition, we believe in protecting our customers while saving our pollinators. Likewise, we believe in ending the current honey bee crisis. In contrast, as a leader in the pest control industry, our goal is to promote the awareness of the declining of the honey bee population and create a change in the pest control industry. U.S. Pest President & CEO, Erica Brister, created an industry leading change, along with a festival that would do just that. Brister is the creator and original founder of the annual Tennessee Honey Festival which takes place each year in Nashville, TN. The Tennessee Honey Festival was founded on the principle of saving the honey bees, while protecting our customers.


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