Types Of Spiders In Tennessee – There are several commonly found spiders here In Tennessee. Some of them have a bite that is so venomous it is fatal. Then there are other spiders that prefer to run away instead of trying to bite humans. Some of these spiders can be big, while others can be small. Now, what are some types of spiders that can be found in Tennessee? Five spiders that can be found in Tennessee include the wolf spider, the brown recluse spider, the black widow, the jumping spiders. Let’s discuss how to identify each one of these spiders and whether or not they are a danger to you or your family.


Wolf Spider

The Wolf Spiders are one of the bigger spiders on this list, ranging from half an inch to an inch, these spiders can create quite a surprise. Wolf spiders are generally grey or dark brown. Thus, making them hard to spot in dark areas such as closets or pantries. Their appearance can be easily identified, due to the hair they have on their bodies. Wolf spiders are hairy arachnids and their entire body is covered in little hairs, similar to a tarantula. Thankfully, these spiders do not pose a serious bite to humans. If you are ever so unfortunate to get bitten by a wolf spider, there is no need to worry because their bite is not as potent as some of the other spiders on this list.


Brown Recluse Spider

The brown recluse spider is a spider that everyone should stay clear of. They are primarily known for their venomous bite and the pain they can cause after their fangs have left their victim. These spiders are known to quickly infest homes, and this is due to their diet. The brown recluse spider can go for months without eating a meal and they will even eat other brown recluse spiders. The easiest way to identify if you have one of these dangerous spiders in your home is to look at its back. Brown recluse spiders are known for the fiddle shape on their backs.


Black Widow

These spiders may be one of the easier spiders to identify on this list. Black widow spiders can be identified by their black bodies and the red hourglass on their abdomen. The abdomen of these spiders is normally pretty big, making it easier to see the red hourglass. Unfortunately, these spiders are just as dangerous as the brown recluse spider. It is recommended if you see one of these spiders in the wild to leave it alone. Their bites can be potentially fatal and can leave scarring on the skin.


Jumping Spider

There are many different species of jumping spiders. They vary in different colors, such as brown, tan, and grey. These spiders can be found in a variety of places, even inside your home. Thankfully, these spiders do not pose a threat to humans. They are just simply a nuisance. Jumping spiders are relatively small and are pretty easy to miss if you are not looking for them. For the most part, these spiders do not plan on taking over your home and would rather jump away from you than try to attack.


Are spiders creating problems in your household?

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