July 4th Mosquitoes

July 4th mosquitoes & outdoor celebrations are just around the corner! That means there will be barbecues and cookouts for the holiday. The Fourth of July holiday is known for family and friend gatherings. Most of the holiday celebrations are outside. The official beginning of summer was in mid June and most people are wanting to enjoy the outdoor Summer weather and time with their friends & family. When you have a celebration outside, there are certain visitors you do not want at the family holiday party. These visitors are mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can wreak havoc, and ruin a holiday event. That is why you have to keep your family and friends protected.


34 Years of Mosquito Protection in Tennessee

Due to 34 years of experience with mosquito control and maintenance, U.S. Pest services can get you ready for your events and keep the mosquitos at bay. At U.S. Pest, we offer mosquito control treatments and information about mosquito control. Our professionals can educate you on mosquitoes and why they are so harmful. When you are planning your holiday celebration, you want your family & friends to have an enjoyable time. You definitely do not want mosquitoes to invade and ruin the party. At U.S. Pest, we can let you know your options and inform you of why mosquitoes are such a nuisance. Also, a U.S. Pest can come give you a no-cost consultation and discuss how to keep your family event clear of mosquitoes.


Mosquito Control Treatments in Tennessee

First of all, mosquitoes can cause various issues are an annoyance when you are having an event outdoors. When you have an outdoor event, you are most likely cooking and do not want mosquitoes flying around contaminating food. U.S. Pest can educate you on mosquitoes and why our mosquito control treatments would be a good option for your household.

Most noteworthy, U.S. Pest only wants the best and safest options to be used. Our company continually researches ways to protect the human population from the many diseases that could be contracted from mosquitoes. U.S. Pest is the leader in pest control by always researching and being knowledgeable about current trends and pesticide applications. Our professionals can advise you on why mosquito control and maintenance would be a good idea before your holiday party. Above all, our goal is to protect the human population from the many diseases that could be contracted from a mosquito bite.


Species And Population of Mosquitoes

First of all, mosquitoes are more than just an annoyance at holiday parties. To add, a mosquito bite can have various side effects, and wreak havoc on a person’s body and even cause illnesses. Wikipedia states that ‘mosquitoes are a group of about 3500 species of small insects that are a type of fly’. With 3,500 different species, it shows how important the maintenance and control of this species is. Mosquitoes have to be controlled. When mosquitoes breed and lay their eggs, they can populate very quickly. You do not want your yard as a breeding ground for July 4th Mosquitoes.




Mosquito Bites, Diseases, And Illness In Tennessee

Mosquitoes can also carry diseases and illness. The diseases that they carry can be transmitted through one single mosquito bite.

In contrast, an article that was published by Amy Biolchini of michiganlive.com states, “The West Nile virus was detected in Michigan. The virus was detected in three different parts of the state. In the article Amy Biolchini also states that in 2018 there were 104 cases, and nine deaths. There were 4142 mosquito pools were tested. 159 of the mosquito pools tested positive for the virus.”

Similarly, Doctor Joneigh Khaldun, MDHHS Chief Deputy Director stated, “the West Nile Virus transmitted by mosquitoes whom have been bitten an infected bird. The illness takes 3-15 days to surface after the mosquito bite. Anyone at age 60 and up is at high risk, but anyone can get sick from one bite. The symptoms are high fever, confusion, muscle weakness, and severe headache.”

Furthermore, mosquitoes are a huge issue that can be handled if we are educated and get our homes under a mosquito maintenance plan.


What Are Mosquitoes Are Attracted To?

To add, a gathering outside can be a huge issue if mosquitoes are anywhere near. Medical News Today stated, “Mosquitoes have sensors that pick up on carbon dioxide emissions and body odor. Mosquitoes also can identify nearby people. Body heat, movement, body odors, such as sweat and lactic acid, can also play a role in attracting mosquitoes.”

In addition, it is important to remember when planning, that gatherings can attract mosquitoes from miles away. Furthermore, always remember mosquitoes are a source of infection and disease, and they must be targeted.


Solutions & Services For Mosquito Protection In Tennessee

Finally, the Fourth of July is a time for gatherings and is a holiday to spend with family and friends. The last thing you need to worry about is a mosquito that will be a nuisance to your guests and outdoor food.

Most noteworthy, U.S. Pest cares about keeping you and your family protected. We can help you make a plan of action and get you the mosquito control that you need. Mosquitoes can be a huge issue for you and your family, let’s get you protected today. The July 4th holiday should be filled with good food, laughter, and family time. Let’s make sure that you do not have the nuisance of mosquitoes and the effects that they can cause for yourself; and your friends and family. Us Pest is here for you. Let’s schedule a free consultation today.

As a result, a plan of action is needed when dealing with mosquitoes. U.S. Pest offers free consultations.


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