Termite Pest Control Solutions in Tennessee

On average, termites cause more damage to Tennessee homes than natural disasters do each year. They feed on and tunnel through your wood, weakening your home’s structures and ruining its appearance.

If termites have invaded your Tennessee home or business, U.S. Pest Protection has you covered. Unlike other pest control providers, we’re not satisfied until we’ve completely eliminated these wood destroying insects from your property. Even if you’re not currently dealing with termites, we offer reliable preventative solutions to help you stay that way.

Whether you’ve got a full-blown infestation or you suspect termites may be chewing their way through your living space or workplace, you can always contact U.S. Pest Protection. Discover more about our pest control services for termites, or schedule your free inspection today.

U.S. Pest Protection’s Termite Control Process

Assessing the Infestation

As with any pest control treatment, the first step is to identify the type of termite causing damage to your home and how they’re managing to invade. Our trained professionals will locate mud tubes, droppings, or any signs of feeding to determine the type of termite that has infested your property. Common termite species include:

How We’ll Get Rid of Termites

Once we’ve identified your termite species, we’ll start eliminating the pests by removing as much moisture as possible from the wood in your home or business. Without moisture, it is extremely difficult for termites to survive long-term. Additionally, if termites are entering your property from the ground, we’ll remove connections between the wood and the ground to prevent them from reaching their food source. 

Our Termite Control Methods

Each termite infestation is unique, and your termite control solution should be, too. When you trust U.S. Pest Protection to eliminate termites from your property, we’ll offer a variety of solutions, including: 

  • Applying a liquid, anti-termite barrier beneath your home
  • Treating your wood with repellent to prevent and eliminate termites
  • Placing in-ground and above-ground bait stations between a colony and its food source 
  • Installing dehumidifiers and environmental barriers below your home

Guaranteed Termite Elimination from U.S. Pest Protection

At U.S. Pest Protection, we know how persistent termites can be. That’s why we won’t stop until we’ve completely eliminated them from your property. If you discover termites around your home after our treatments, we’ll gladly provide additional pest control and prevention services, free of charge. 

Stop Termites in Tennessee with U.S. Pest Protection

Don’t let termites destroy your home—bring in the pest control experts from U.S. Pest Protection. From our thorough inspection of your home to our targeted pest solutions, you can rely on us to solve your termite problem. If termites still manage to hang around, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

You’ve got nothing to lose except a frustrating termite infestation, so take the first step toward termite-free living and schedule your U.S. Pest Protection inspection today!






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