Business Pest Control Solutions

Don’t Let Pests Get in the Way of Your Office’s ProductivityPest Control office space

U.S. Pest Protection offers several commercial pest services to keep your office pest-free. Our pest control management programs help ensure the safety of your office space and are tailored to promote ideal working conditions for staff and clients. Protect your business’s reputation and assets while maintaining a clean environment. Help shield your business from unwanted pests. Contact the experts at U.S. Pest today.

As a local company, U.S. Pest has served the Middle Tennessee community for more than 30 years. Our team of professional pest experts understands hectic business schedules and will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs without hassle. Decades of experience in pest control give us insight into building structures and inform how we approach areas such as storage rooms and false ceilings, which are ideal conditions for bug infestations.

Don’t Overlook Guaranteed Pest Control for Your Office Space

Keep your office space pristine. Recruit a professional pest control company. U.S. Pest Protection’s commercial pest services aren’t just proven. We guarantee 100% satisfaction for every pest control treatment. If you’re not happy, we will provide correction services at absolutely no charge.

Schedule Your Inspection Today

Our responsibility is to keep your business running and safe from pests of all varieties. U.S. Pest Protection responds to all requests for service within 24 hours. Whether you need to prevent a pest issue from arising or are already experiencing a pest emergency, contact us today for a free inspection.


A bird looking up out of a nest.


Bird Control Services

Unwanted birds cause property damage and create hazardous conditions around your building. Without proper bird control, pest birds can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your building’s roof, gutters, and more. Get rid of birds the right way. Contact U.S. Pest and ask about our bird control services.


Exhaust pipes on the exterior of a warehouse.


Exclusion Services

In addition to eliminating any existing pests, U.S. Pest will determine the best course of action to keep pests such as rodents and insects out. Our expert team identifies and seals potential entry points for pests, keeping them from entering your office space in the first place.

A gloved hand spraying a bottle of sanitizer.


Sanitation Services

If pests have entered your office, exterminating them is only part of the solution. U.S Pest will help eliminate unsanitary conditions and limit potential liabilities with our comprehensive sanitation services. Our team guarantees total coverage and ensures your office is safe, clean, and open for business.


Close-up of a fly.


Commercial Fly Control Services

While uncommon for commercial office space, flies are an unpleasant nuisance that can dramatically impact the productivity in your office. Our strategy includes pinpointing the root causes of fly problems, from improper waste management to issues in kitchens and common areas. Contact U.S. Pest to help make your office space a no-fly zone.

Woman with a clothespin on her nose.


Odor Control Services

Unpleasant odors circulate throughout air ducts and turn your office into a distracted environment. If you’ve noticed foul odors, contact U.S. Pest today. Our odor control services ensure your establishment smells fresh and clean. An expert team surveys your property to determine the cause and fights the odor from its source.