Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Pest Control Services

Food Establishment Pest Control Solutions

Keep Pests Out of the Kitchen

Whether you’re running a restaurant, a grocery store, a cafeteria, or some other kind of commercial food establishment, your customers and patrons expect a clean, pest-free experience. Unfortunately, many pests are drawn to the products and byproducts of a food establishment: food, food waste, and moisture. It’s not just necessary to have someone to call when you do spot the signs of an infestation—preventative services are necessary to keep your establishment pest-free. That’s where U.S. Pest Protection comes in.

Keep Your Customers and Employees Safe

From rats to cockroaches and fruit flies, pests aren’t just a nuisance for food establishments; they represent a serious health and safety threat. The potential damage pests can cause range from a business-threatening hit to your reputation to sickness or equipment damage. Keep your customers and employees safe by employing environmentally friendly and effective pest control from U.S. Pest Protection.


A bird looking up out of a nest.



Your storefront and building are vitally important in attracting customers, but birds don’t care about that. Birds don’t just cause a noisy commotion—the winged pests can cause physical damage to your property and leave unhealthy droppings. We can help you get rid of roosting birds and prevent them from coming back.





There’s nothing quite like finding roaches scurrying around your floor, and your customers and employees won’t soon forget if they see one at your food establishment. If you find roaches or evidence of roaches at your establishment, don’t hesitate. Call U.S. Pest right away, and we’ll be there with our effective roach control services.




The best way to ensure your food establishment is free of pests is to prevent them from infesting your property in the first place. U.S. Pest Protection’s monthly commercial pest prevention services are an unobtrusive way to prevent pests from ever being a problem. From bugs to birds, we have the experience and tools to keep them away.


Close-up of a fly.



Flies are easy to overlook—after all, they’re common and can be easily spotted. But flies are unsanitary and can bring diseases, especially if they lay eggs somewhere in your establishment. We can help you say goodbye to the flies for good, both in prevention and in removal.

Woman with a clothespin on her nose.



The only smells coming from your restaurant should be good ones. Unpleasant odors can quickly destroy one’s appetite and can thereby pose a serious threat to your food establishment. U.S. Pest Protection can identify the source of those odors and mask them while we address the root cause.


Keep Pests Away from Your Restaurant or Commercial Kitchen

Finding a bug in your salad is a guaranteed negative experience, no matter the quality of the food establishment. Help your customers avoid that experience and protect your income with the help of U.S. Pest. We’re experts in preventing pests and eliminating pest infestations quickly and efficiently. Request a free estimate!