Squirrels are most active in the fall – as the temperature begins to slowly cool down, you may begin to see more squirrels. This is because they are trying to collect as much food as possible for winter. They can be commonly seen running through neighborhoods and backyards looking for acorns and other food they can use to store. There are several different species of squirrels in the state of Tennessee and depending on the species, you may see them this fall. The Easter Gray Squirrel is the most common one here in Tennessee and is easy to identify. So, if they are so active in the fall where do they go in the winter?


Where do squirrels go in the winter?

Most species of ground squirrels will hibernate over winter. However, gray squirrels such as the Eastern Gray squirrel will rely on sheltered nests or dens in trees, fat reserves, and stored food to survive the long, chilly winter. These nests are pretty easy to find in trees due to the fact all the leaves have fallen out of the tree. Their nests are also bigger than bird nests, providing them room to store their food and stay warm.


What kind of food are they storing?

Gray squirrels prepare for winter by storing a variety of different foods. These foods include acorns, nuts, berries, and even tree bark. Before winter begins, these squirrels will maximize their body mass to create more fat reserves. In case they run out of food halfway through winter, these furry creatures can rely on the fat reserves that they have built up. Furthermore, not all the food a squirrel needs to survive in the winter will fit in its nest. Instead, they will bury some of it in locations where they know it will be safe. An example of one of these locations would be the mulch commonly found in the front of homes. Many homeowners report seeing gray squirrels digging in their mulch and this is because they are storing their food for winter.


Are squirrels a serious pest to worry about?

Even though squirrels may be getting into your tomatoes in the summer, they are not really a pest to worry about. As mentioned, before they can be commonly found running around neighborhoods and climbing up trees. These rodents have no interest in hiding in your attic for warmth. They prefer building their nests and collecting food. When you see squirrels franticly trying to collect acorns in your backyard it is best to leave them be.


Are you having rodent problems besides squirrels?

Rodents such as rats and mice can be a severe problem if found in the home. Besides all the diseases they are known to spread they are a sight for sore eyes. Protect your family and your home today by calling the professionals at U.S. Pest today! Call 615-822-8500 or visit uspest.com!




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