Pest Identification: Wolf Spiders in Tennessee

A wolf spider on a wooden surface

While no one looks forward to finding a spider in their home, wolf spiders are especially upsetting to discover. From their painful, itchy bite to their usually large size, wolf spiders are some of the many spider species found in Tennessee and throughout the South. They typically hunt for insects outdoors, but cold weather may drive them into your home in search of shelter and prey.

Worried about wolf spiders creeping into your living space? Discover how to identify these eight-legged pests, where they may be hiding in your home, and how the pest professionals from U.S. Pest Protection can get rid of them. For questions about wolf spiders or any other common Tennessee pests, contact our pest experts today.

How to Identify Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders certainly earn their names with their large, hairy bodies and insect-hunting skills. Unlike black widows and brown recluses’ smooth bodies and unique markings, wolf spiders use their brown, black and gray coloring to blend in with their surroundings, rather than stand out. 

Like many species of spiders, wolf spiders are considered venomous. Their bites, however, while often painful, are more likely to end in itchy skin than a trip to the emergency room. If you suspect you’ve found a wolf spider in your home, let the experts deal with it. Wolf spiders are quick and won’t hesitate to bite if they feel threatened. 

Schedule a free inspection with U.S. Pest Protection and let us accurately identify any spider you’ve found in your home.

Where to Find Wolf Spiders

Unlike black widows and brown recluses, wolf spiders are more beneficial than harmful. In fact, they act as natural pest control agents, feeding on a variety of harmful household and garden pests. Wherever pests go, these hunters are sure to follow.

As the temperatures drop and insects and other pests seek out your home for shelter, keep an eye out for wolf spiders in areas you often find cockroaches, ants, and more. Areas of your home where wolf spiders often hide include:

  • Corners near the ceiling
  • Closets
  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Under beds

By consistently vacuuming and sweeping throughout your home, you can discourage the pests that wolf spiders hunt from wandering indoors. Additionally, constant human activity in typically dark, quiet areas in your home can spook wolf spiders into leaving their hiding spots.

Get Rid of Wolf Spiders with U.S. Pest Protection

From painful bites to the general shock of seeing a large spider scuttling across your floor or wall, dealing with wolf spiders in your home can become a long, frustrating battle. For peace of mind and a home free of these unwanted guests, you can rely on U.S. Pest Protection’s pest professionals. 

Whether our team seals potential entryways into your home, places traps, or sprays your home with a spider-repelling agent, we do everything we can to protect you and your family from any encounters with wolf spiders. Schedule your free wolf spider inspection, and discover U.S. Pest Protection can safeguard your living space today.

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