Black widow spiders in Tennessee – There is no other spider that can create so much fear like the black widow spider. The name is synonymous with deadly venomous spiders that lurk in the dark. With their all-black appearance and their red hourglasses on their abdomen, they are especially spooky. The bite of a black widow spider is incredibly painful and can leave skin scarring for the rest of the victim’s life. It is important that if you see a black widow spider that you give it space and leave it alone. So, let us learn a little more about these potentially fatal spiders.  


How To Identify Black Widow Spiders  

As mentioned before, identifying these spiders is a relatively easy task. The female black widow spider will be larger than the male. They will also be jet black, with a bright red hourglass on their abdomen. These spiders are also pretty big at over 1 inch in size, they are pretty hard to miss. The largest portion of their body is their abdomen, so if you come across a spider with a large black behind, it would be best to walk around it.  


Black Widow Spider

Black Widow


Why Is The Black Widow Spider Venom So Potent?  

Black widow spiders produce a very powerful neurotoxin called latrotoxins. This toxin is dangerous due to the fact that it makes the victims’ immune systems fight itself. Slowly, killing the victim from the inside out. Luckily, these spiders have been known not to inflict all of their venom into their victim. They generally will inflict a warning bite. This tells the potential predator, “Hey, don’t mess with me”, this leads to the predator fleeing from them instead of trying to pursue them as a snack.  


Where Can You Find A Black Widow Spider? 

Black widow spiders feed on insects and follow insect populations for sustenance. As a result, if you’ve found a higher degree of other insects—such as moths or mosquitos—in your home, a black widow might not be far behind. Black widows tend to congregate in places where insects do, such as in crevices, under furniture, and in dark corners, especially in garages, sheds, or basements.  

Webs are evidence of black widows or other spiders as well. You will find webs set up where other insects are, such as in moist areas or near lights, where flying insects are drawn to. The best way to limit the amount of black widow spiders coming into your home is to limit the amount of other pests in your home. Cleaning your home thoroughly will help deter pests and black widow spiders from coming inside your home.  


Protect Your Home From Black Widow Spiders With U.S. Pest Protection  

Black widows are perhaps the scariest spider species that resides in Tennessee with a venomous bite, an infamous reputation, a large size, and striking visual markings, finding a black widow can quickly ruin your day.  

Thankfully, that is where U.S. Pest Protection comes in. Our expert technicians have experience dealing with spider infestations of all types, from non-venomous house spiders to the black widow. We can help rid your property from both spiders and the insects they’re drawn to and, with our monthlybi-monthly, or quarterly pest control services, prevent them from coming back. 


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