What is the difference between Termidor and bait stations? РWhen it comes to getting rid of termites on your property there are only two ways to go about it. One is bait stations, which include Borax, also known as sodium borate, then there are liquid treatments that include Termidor. Each method goes about killing termites differently and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Before we discuss which of the two is better, we need to understand what they are.  


What Are Bait Stations? 

A popular bait station to use is borax. Borax contains boric acid, which is the natural wood pesticide that focuses on getting rid of termites. This termite deterrent is environmentally sensitive and safe when used as directed to plants, humans, and animals.  


What is Termidor? 

Termidor is a professionally applied termite defense product that is undetectable to drywood and subterranean termites. It is an extremely popular option for DIY individuals as well as professionals in the pest control industry. It is a liquid treatment that prevents termites from going near the wood and coming near your home. Traditionally applied in a trench on the outside of the home, this method does not allow subterranean termites a chance to attack the home.  


Strengths and Weaknesses of Bait Stations and Termidor 

Termidor Strengths 

This product is immensely effective when it comes to deterring termites. It quickly kills them when it comes into contact and stops the problem directly at the source. Termidor is known to achieve 100% control of termites within three months or less.  According to service tests conducted by the USDA Forest Service, after termidor was applied, re-infestation did not occur until 15 years after initial service. Thus, making Termidor a much more effective and convenient termite deterrent option. 

Termidor Weaknesses 

The product works excellently and there is not much in the way of weakness. It is always important, however, to follow the directions when applying a product because there may be some serious health issues if applied incorrectly.  


Bait Station Strengths

As a popular salt compound, Borax is an earth-friendly option when it comes to termite protection. It is human-friendly and water-friendly, but individuals applying the product need to be careful to make sure it does not get into any bodies of water as it can poison wildlife.  

Bait Station Weaknesses 

As a method for termite protection, bait stations have their limitations, for one, it must be directly put onto the wood, and then it will act as a poison for termites. Compared to liquid treatment options such as Termidor which are applied around the perimeter of the home. In addition, bait stations need to be regularly changed out to be an effective termite deterrent. Furthermore, Bait stations are a time consuming process and it may take over a year to get your termite problem under control. In the meanwhile, these termites are still eating away at your home.  



U.S. Pest is proud to protect your home from termites with Termidor 

 At U.S. Pest, we help customers combat termite infestations with Termidor. Termidor is the best termite control product available. We believe a liquid barrier treatment is the only option for protection against termites. For termite protection, you can count on, call U.S. Pest. Call: 615-822-8500 for more information.  


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