Pest Identifier: Velvet Ants

If you notice an insect that looks like a fluffy, black-and-red ant crawling around your yard, be sure to give it plenty of space—you’ve just crossed paths with a velvet ant. Despite their misleading name and appearance, velvet ants are actually wasps, and they can deliver an extremely painful sting if disturbed. In fact, these tiny fuzzy terrors have been nicknamed “cow killers,” as their sting feels like it could kill a cow.

Don’t let velvet ants keep you indoors—safeguard your yard and protect your family with pest control and prevention solutions from the dedicated experts from U.S. Pest Protection. We have the tools, technology, and experience you need in order to enjoy the outdoors velvet ant-free. Contact our team today to learn how we can eliminate these pests.

How to Identify Velvet Ants

Unlike other species of wasps, it’s easy to tell male and female velvet ants apart. While both sexes have fuzzy, black and red stripes, male velvet ants have two pairs of black, transparent wings and lack stingers. Females, on the other hand, are wingless and significantly fuzzier. They also crawl across the ground in search of bumble bee nests to infest with their eggs.

In addition to their unique appearance, velvet ants squeak or chirp when they feel threatened. If you hear a strange squeaking noise while you’re out in your backyard, stop and look around for one of these stinging pests. 

Velvet ants are typically more docile than yellow jackets or hornets, but as stinging insects, it’s best to leave identifying them to professionals. Contact our professionals for a free inspection.

Where to Find Velvet Ants

Velvet ants are solitary wasps, which means they roam alone in search of prey, rather than build nests and live in large colonies. This makes finding and treating them extremely difficult without proper training. If you spot a velvet ant in your yard, bring in pest experts to determine whether or not you have an infestation.

Trust U.S. Pest Protection to Prevent Pests

While velvet ants don’t build nests, there could still be factors drawing a significant number of them to your property. When you need help keeping velvet ants out of your backyard, garden, or lawn, you can depend on U.S. Pest Protection’s team of committed pest control professionals. 

When we inspect your property, we’ll identify signs of a potential infestation and provide you with an effective velvet ant control and prevention plan. From removing bee hives to sealing cracks and holes in your home to prevent velvet ants from wandering inside, we’ve got you protected. Schedule your free inspection today!  

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