Pest Identification: Fire Ants in Tennessee

Fire ants, thankfully, aren’t known for coming inside your home. They are, on the other hand, known for their ability to deliver a painful sting to anyone they deem a threat. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what to look for when you might potentially come into contact with fire ants in Tennessee.

Common evidence of fire ants includes their large mounds, which they build in open areas. Fire ant mounds can both sit at the ground level or rise above the soil depending on factors, such as the soil’s makeup.

Fire ants are a “polymorphic” species that can come in different sizes. Fire ants may range in size from 1/16 to ¼ inches in length and can be easily recognized by their yellow-reddish color and darker abdomen.

At U.S. Pest Protection, our professionals will examine your Nashville, TN, home and surrounding areas to determine the extent of your fire ant problem. We will deploy proven techniques to help eliminate these invasive pests and keep your family, home, and pets safe from harm. To learn more about fire ant removal and extermination, contact us to schedule your free inspection today.

Signs of Fire Ants

In addition to their mounds, fire ants can often be found on or near electrical boxes. Typically, mounds are located far from buildings, but they have been known to appear near building foundations, too. Because fire ant colonies can grow very quickly, you may not be aware of a growing infestation until it is too late and thousands of ants have invaded your property.

Dangers of Fire Ants

Fire ants, unlike other types of ant, are extremely dangerous due to their painful sting. While other ants bite and spray acid onto the wound, fire ants use their mandibles to hold onto the skin while they inject a toxic alkaloid venom. In healthy humans, this sensation is akin to being burned by fire. More importantly, for those who are sensitive to venom, the bites themselves can be deadly. Fire ants are also an extremely aggressive ant, so they will attack nearly any perceived threat.

In addition to the harm they can cause those with allergies, the elderly, or small children, fire ants can also affect insect and small animal populations by eating the young. They can cause damage to crops by feeding or mound-building in agricultural areas. On the whole, billions of dollars are spent each year in medical treatment, damage, and control of fire ants.

Have U.S. Pest Handle Your Fire Ant Problem Today

If you’ve seen fire ants near your home, it’s vital to get the problem under control before your outdoor environment is overrun with them. DIY treatments usually fail to address the problem, which is that fire ant nests may be far from the initial point of contact. U.S. Pest Protection will provide a thorough inspection of the area and treat the ground where ant mounds are located with an appropriate amount of insecticide. We will also use ant bait to drive ants away from high-traffic areas where your family may try to relax.

To learn more about fire ant removal from U.S. Pest Protection, contact us today and ask about a free inspection for your home.

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