Pest Identification: Pavement Ants in Tennessee

Pavement ants, also known as “sugar ants” or “grease ants,” are among some of the most common pest invaders during the spring and summer months in Tennessee, but they can even find their way into your home in the winter. When outside, these ants form colony nests in the cracks of pavement driveways and walkways and next to building foundations, which is where they earn their name.

How to Identify Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are dark brown to black, about 1/16 to ⅛-inch in length, with legs and antennae that are a lighter color than the body. A volcano-shaped pile of dirt around the nest entry is a surefire way to identify a pavement ant colony on your property. If these ants have made their way inside your home,  you might find them nesting inside your walls, insulation, or under your flooring. These nests will usually be near masonry walls of the foundation or near a heat source. 

Like other ants, they are attracted to any food or crumbs, such as sugar, grease, bread crumbs, etc., that are left out. If you suspect a pavement ant infestation in your home, identifying the ant trail will help you to determine where the ants are getting into the home.  

Prevent a Pavement Ant Infestation with U.S. Pest Protection

Should you find a pavement ant nest on your property, do not kick the pile. These ants can bite when agitated, or worse, you may have found yourself a fire ant colony (another species of ant that can be even more troublesome when provoked). 

To prevent pavement ants from entering your home, seal any cracks along the exterior and foundation of the home. Trimming limbs away from home can also cut off the makeshift bridge these ants use to get inside. Inside, make sure to seal any food or drink and promptly clean up messes and crumbs to cut off the colony’s food supply.

If none of these preventative measures work or the infestation is severe, our technicians can help you identify the source of the infestation and remove it. Schedule your free consultation with our knowledgeable pest technicians today

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