Pest Identification: Big Headed Ants in Tennessee

While the sight of any pests creeping into your Tennessee home or business is alarming, big headed ants are some of the more bizarre invaders you can stumble upon. Originally from the island of Mauritius, these pests have spread throughout the world, damaging lawns and contaminating food storage wherever they go.

Don’t let big headed ants become a headache for your household or workplace. Learn how to identify them, where they may be hiding around your property, and how U.S. Pest Protection can eliminate them. Need pest solutions now? Contact our experts and find out how we can help.

How to Identify Big Headed Ants

Big headed ants have two kinds of worker ants that invade homes and businesses in search of food: major workers, or soldiers, and minor workers. Big headed ants’ namesake comes from the distinctive head size of the major worker ants. 

Typically reddish-brown, the major worker ants have wide, shiny heads that are larger than their abdomens. Minor worker ants, however, look more like other common ant species. Light to reddish-brown in color, their heads are roughly equal in size to their abdomen.

The major worker ants may be more recognizable than the minor worker ants, but they are also less common. In fact, only 1 percent of the big headed ant workforce are major worker ants, which may make it difficult to confirm the identity of the minor worker ants without a trained eye. Request a free inspection from U.S. Pest Protection, and our experts will accurately identify the ants on your property.

Where to Find Big Headed Ants

Big headed ants may invade your home for food, but unlike some species, such as carpenter ants, they typically build their colonies outdoors. You can find big headed ants nesting in loose soil, under decks and patios, or around rotten logs or plants in your yard. Once they’ve established a colony, they’ll sneak inside through cracks in your foundation to raid your food storage and feed on house plants.

Whenever you find these tiny invaders or any other kind of ant species in your home or business, contact U.S. Pest Protection. Without pest control training and experience, finding the source of your ant infestation is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

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