Pharaoh ants are an extremely uncommon household pest. They will feed on blood and can become a problem in emergency rooms and hospitals. They are very sensitive to odors and pesticides and will split their colony if they detect pesticide spray. Baits are only to be used for control.

What Do They Look Like?

  • Generally small and yellow in color.
  • Red or black marking on abdomen.

Where Do They Live?

  • Pharaoh ants mostly live indoors.
  • They nest in undisturbed dark areas such an refrigerator insulation, baseboards, hollow of curtain rods, and even in clothes.

How Do I Deal with Pharaoh Ants?

The best way to control a pharaoh ant infestation is to properly store food, especially breads and sugary items, such as syrup and jelly. Since the pharaoh ant can nest almost anywhere inside the home, professional treatment is advised when trying to control an infestation. Call U.S. Pest today to schedule a FREE inspection!