Pest Identifier: Odorous House Ants in Tennessee

When you have pests in your home or business, the first sign of an infestation is finding the unwelcome invaders. In the case of odorous house ants, however, you’ll smell them before you see them. When they’re crushed, these odd insects release a scent that’s similar to the smell of rotten coconuts. 

In addition to being unpleasant air fresheners, odorous house ants are serious nuisance pests and often build large nests in or near homes and businesses throughout Tennessee and the United States. Protect your Tennessee property from these pests with U.S. Pest Protection. With our knowledge, experience, and tools, we can control and prevent odorous house ants from making themselves at home where they don’t belong. 

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How to Identify Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants’ unique scent is the easiest way to identify them, but it’s still important to know what they look like. These small, foul-smelling ants are black or dark brown in color and have uneven-shaped thoraxes. While they do bite, they don’t deliver the same painful bites as fire ants.

If you’re not sure what kind of ants have invaded your space, don’t risk releasing foul odors into the air by crushing backyard the little invaders. Contact U.S. Pest Protection and let our licensed professionals safely and accurately identify them for you.

Where to Find Odorous House Ants

Once they’ve made their way into your home, you can find odorous house ants wherever there’s food, warmth, or moisture. Common areas that they and other ant species build their nests near include: 

  • Wall voids near heaters
  • Under sinks around water pipes
  • Beneath flooring and carpets

If you’ve found an odorous house ant nest in your living space or business, schedule a U.S. Pest inspection as soon as possible. Odorous house ant colonies have multiple queens capable of reproduction, which can cause their population to boom into an infestation before you realize it.

Get Rid of Odorous House Ants with U.S. Pest Protection

Take back control of your Tennessee home or business with the experts from U.S. Pest Protection. We’re proud to offer effective pest control and prevention solutions to keep odorous house ants and other pests away from what matters most to you. 

Whether we eliminate nests or pest-proof your property to prevent an infestation from happening, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and protection from pests with our team. Ready to enjoy pest-free living in Tennessee? Schedule your free inspection today.

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