Acrobat ant - US Pest Protection Nashville TN

These little guys are named Acrobat Ants because they can act like flexible gymnasts. These ants can raise their heart-shaped abdomens above their heads. Can you imagine trying that?

Do Acrobat Ants just want to run away from home to join the traveling Flea Circus? No, not really, Acrobat Ants do this to protect themselves from other insects and animals. They want to look like tough guys if threatened by predators.

Their color can vary from yellow to darker brown. They are quite small, only 1/8 inch long. This gymnastic ant can be found nesting in foam insulation or woodwork in your home. You may also find them outside of your home in stones, trunks or old trees. These ants have the ability to bite and also put off a really gross odor if they are alarmed or sense danger. These ants in particular can be hard to find so contact one of our U.S. Pest Professionals today if you think you might have Acrobat Ants frolicking about your home in Tennessee. There are ants in every part of Tennessee including Brentwood, White House, Nashville, Hendersonville, Franklin and all other great cities! Call us today for a free inspection.

What do Acrobat Ants look like?

  • About 1/6 of an inch in length
  • Heart-shaped abdomen (rear body section)
  • Color varies from from yellow to darker brown

Where will I find these ants?

  • Typically found in dead or decaying wood, logs, tree stumps, dead limbs, firewood and in tree cavities
  • You can find their nests in leaf litter, under stones and in floating lounge chairs in swimming pools
  • Found in wall voids and in high moisture areas
  • Found in the siding of homes all over Tennessee