Acrobat Ants

The acrobat ant is a household pest ant that can be found on the exterior of homes and businesses. The common name comes for this ants habit of raising its abdomen in the air when disturbed.


Some facts to remember about acrobat ants

  • Light brown to back in color and have a heart shaped abdomen
  • Acrobat ants have the ability to bite
  • Acrobat ants prefer to create nests in wood that has had moisture concerns and previous damage from decay.

Acrobat Ant Habitats

The acrobat ant can contact the exterior of structures by following tree limbs and utility lines. They have the ability to travel long distances and will enter homes via cracks and opening around utility lines and pipes, door and window frames and even may trail from the ground into the home.

The acrobat ant is 1/16 -1/8 inch in length, light brown to black in color and can sometimes be multi-colored. The ant has a distractive heart shaped abdomen that it will raise up when disturbed . Acrobat ants can also produce a repulsive odor. Outside they will feed on “honeydew” a sweet excretion produced by aphids and mealybugs and dead insects. Indoors they are attracted to sweets and high-protein foods. Out doors they nest under rocks, in dead tree limbs and firewood piles.

How do you know if your have acrobat ants

If you see small training ants on the exterior or interior of your home always look for the distinctive heart shaped abdomen at the end of the ants body. If the ants feels threatened they will raise the abdomen up. Indoors they will nest in wall cavities and voids.These ant will also excavate material like Styrofoam to create nests so you might see a pile of material outside the nesting site. They can be attracted to many food sources including sweets and proteins.

Control of acrobat ants

The key to acrobat ant control is an inspection. Furthermore, these ants may be coming from the outside or from a nest located in an interior wall. It is recommend to have a pest management professional do a complete inspection to determine the proper control measures needed for control

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