Pest Identification: Field Ants in Tennessee

Field ants—a type of ant known to entomologists as the genus Formica—get their name from one of their most common hiding places throughout Tennessee. These ants thrive in wide-open spaces such as large fields and vacant lots, although they’ve been known to make appearances in patio blocks and firewood piles. Yellow, brown, or reddish in color, these ants won’t grow much bigger than ⅜ of an inch in length.

Field ants build nests in the form of mounds, usually shaft-and-chamber structures, out of soil. These mounds are home to hundreds or even thousands of ants, whose primary food source is usually honeydew, the secretions given off by aphids.

In suburban environments, field ants can build their nests near sidewalks, fences, or building foundations, although they rarely make their way into homes.

How to Identify Field Ants

In addition to their small size and easy-to-see nests, field ants are known for their propensity to build their nests in lawns, under rocks, and near patios and other backyard fixtures. Field ants are not dangerous by any stretch of the imagination, but they can bite if threatened. In addition, field ants are known to spray a special acid that can also be painful if it touches your skin. Aside from these mild irritants, however, field ants don’t pose much in the way of health issues.

How to Deal with Field Ants

Even though field ants aren’t antagonistic and usually steer clear of confrontation, you may not want them near your home, especially if you’re trying to keep your lawn in pristine condition. Their mounds can be ugly and may even get in the way of common backyard activities. 

The best way to take care of your field ant problem is to contact a professional pest technician from U.S. Pest Protection. Our team can help diagnose the cause of your field ant problem and provide a proven, tailored solution to your unique ant issues.

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