Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite

Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite. Let U.S. Pest take the bite out of bedbugs, so every night is a “Good night, Sleep tight, Don’t worry about the bedbugs” kind of night.

Problem is, of course, you cannot stop these nasty little creatures from biting. Especially when they hide in your bed and attack when you are fast asleep. But what is a bed bug exactly? The official name, in Latin of course, is Cimex Lectularius, which is creepy in itself. If you are unlucky enough to have to identify a bed bug, just know that it is a reddish brown insect, with no wings. It’s oval shaped and can grow to a mighty quarter of an inch in size.

In addition, here is the really unpleasant news. Bedbugs really do bite, and for a good reason. They live by sucking the blood of an animal host or mammal. The mammal choice for the bed bug is humans. Don’t let the bedbugs bite you.

Bedbugs have been on the increase for the past few decades. Back in the day, the powerful pesticide DDT took care of bedbugs, along with most other insects in its path. Unfortunately DDT was found to also be harmful to humans, and the environment and it’s use was banned in the USA over forty years ago.


The Bedbug Heat Is On In Tennessee

And here’s some more bad news. As the summer heat settles in across the country, these particular blood suckers go to work. They are at their most prolific between June and September. Bedbugs enjoy heat and humidity.

We Americans enjoy spending our summers flying to different cities or piling into the SUV for a family road trip. Unfortunately, bedbugs are also avid travelers, hitching rides in luggage and clothing. Once in a new location the bedbugs will set up home in furniture, especially beds, in homes and hotels across the country.

Just in case you are thinking that avoiding budget hotels will take the sting out of the bedbug danger, think again. These parasites care not for status, wealth or hotel star rating. Bedbugs have been a major problem for five-star hotels in New York for some years. The Big Apple’s bedbug infestation got so bad that the creatures invaded Bloomingdales, the Nike store and Abercrombie & Fitch. British Airways were forced to cancel a flight after the bugs were discovered hiding in a plane’s seats.


Road Trips, Hotel Stays During Summer Travel Season

So if you are hitting the road this summer, be diligent. Luckily, the internet has a free, grassroots resource to help figure out which hotels to avoid, at least as as far as bedbugs are concerned. Check out bedbugregistry.com, a user based website that keeps an updated directory of hotels where guest have been unlucky enough to encounter the dreaded Cimex Lectularius. Just pick a city and see which hotels might be worth avoiding.

So, your first task after checking in to you room is to inspect the room, as best you can for these creatures. Lift up the mattress from the bed frame and look closely. You can see a bedbug if you look hard enough. Check the bed frame too, any picture frames on the walls and all wooden furniture in the room. Look a bit also for little spots of blood. It’s a tell tale sign that bedbugs have been feating on someone.

If you are unfortunate enough to wake up after your first night in a hotel with some itching or bite marks, how do you know whether you’ve been attacked by regular insects or the dreaded bedbugs?

Bedbug bites are typically red with a darker red area in the middle of the bite. The bite is incredibly itchy and they will not be isolated, instead they will be grouped together in a small area or many times located in a straight line.


Do Bedbugs Spread Disease From Their Bite?

Unpleasant as it may seem at the time, there is some good news. Bedbugs, according to the Center for Disease Control do not spread disease. The advice from the Government is to treat the bitten areas with antiseptic creams or lotions and take an antihistamine pill. But, some people react worse than others. Bedbugs can set off allergic reactions that can result in hives and painful blisters. If that does happen, see a health professional immediately.

So now you are an informed traveller, able to spot the bedbugs in hotels and deal with them if unlucky to be bitten. And once you’ve reported the problem and checked out of the hotel there’s nothing to worry about? Well, not exactly. First, bedbugs are tough little creatures and hard to get rid off. Keep inspecting clothes and luggage, you really do not want to bring them home with you. But it happens, and bedbugs at home provide a headache that makes hotel infestation look like a mere inconvenience.

Bedbugs are sneaky. If they do get in your home they can find themselves hiding places and survive for up to a year without feeding on humans. Google the Internet for techniques to rid your home of bedbugs and you’ll find all kinds of quick fixes, from vacuum and steam cleaning to zapping the pests with hair dryers. Not surprisingly, these home remedies rarely get to the bottom of an infestation.


U.S. Pest Can Help With Bed Bug Treatments

The only effective solution at that point is to call in the experts. U.S. Pest takes bedbugs treatment very seriously. And we are good, otherwise we wouldn’t offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with our service. A bedbug expert will come to your house and look everywhere for bedbugs, even tiny eggs and look any other signs of the creatures taking up residence at your house. We’ll then assess the particular situation and come up with a treatment plan tailored to your house and your situation and remove the bedbugs once and for all. And the inspection is free.


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