What is a box elder bug – In the early fall, the emergence of box elder bugs becomes apparent. They quickly take over certain areas of the outdoors. Some of these areas may include the siding of your home. These insects are also attracted to the outside of trees or on top of rocks. These areas receive a good amount of sunlight which attracts box elder bugs. Homes that receive a lot of sunlight, may see an increase in boxelder bug activity. So, how do you begin to identify these pests that may be crawling in your home?   

How To Identify Box Elder Bugs?  

These pesky insects are easy to identify. With their elongated shape and the fluorescent orange on their backs there not hard to miss. These insects can also be found in large numbers, which makes identifying them easier. Boxelder bugs are about half an inch in length and are black with splotches of bright orange. They have six legs and a flattened-narrow head that sticks out from their body. If you see them flying around, this would be another key identifier. Boxelder bugs are good flyers, they have been known to fly as long as six miles.   

Why Do They Call Them Box Elder Bugs?  

Boxelder bugs get their name from the tree boxelder tree. These insects are known to feed on the maple and the sap of the tree. Once it begins to get later in the season and it is much colder. These insects will lay their eggs inside the tree.   

Box Elder bug


Are Box Elder Bugs Dangerous To Humans?   

No boxelder bugs are not dangerous to humans. These insects, however, are serious pests. They can multiply in the hundreds and quickly infest the outside of the home. If there are cracks and crevices in the home these insects will find a way to get inside. A home provides them protection and the ability to get the necessary sunlight that they want.   


How To Stop These Nuisance Pests From Getting Into Your Home?   

The best method of prevention of boxelder bugs is to repair the miscellaneous cracks and crevices around your home. As mentioned previously, these pests sneak through these cracks and find their way into your home. Make sure before leaving the house to close all the windows if left opened. Also, installing a good screen door will help limit the amount that flies in. When trying to get these annoying insects outside of your home, crushing them may not be the best way to go. When they are crushed, they release a less than desirable smell that can linger throughout the home. Instead, it is recommended to use a vacuum and suck them up.   


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