For over 30 years the state insect of Tennessee has been the honeybee. They are very social insects that perform a very vital role in in production of all our crops. The honeybee also plays an important economic role in Tennessee through its pollination of various crops, trees, and grasses. When honeybees are found in inconvenient locations, such as public parks they are relocated rather than exterminated. This is because they play such an important role when it comes to pollinating a variety of food types. A third of the food we eat comes from the pollination of honeybees. Without them we would not be able to eat these foods. So, what foods do they directly impact?  

State Insect of Tennessee – What foods do Honeybees directly impact?

Honeybees directly impact fruits, nuts, and even dairy products. Items such as apples, mangos and bananas need honeybees in order to survive. Now how do honeybees affect the dairy industry? Well honeybees pollinate alfalfa, which is the primary food source for cows. These cows eat the alfalfa and then they provide dairy products for consumers. Honeybees provide millions of dollars’ worth of food and help stimulate our economy.  

The honeybee and its impact on our economy

Honeybees are responsible for producing between $235 and $577 billion worth of annual global food production relies on their contribution. They also create jobs for the United States. There are over 200,000 thousand beekeepers working in the United States. These beekeepers help to provide commercial honey to grocery stores.  

Honeybees at the Tennessee Honey festival

During the 2021 Tennessee Honey festival, visitors will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with honeybees. The event will host a variety of beekeeping classes, so people who want to start their own honeybee colony are now better educated. Activities like arts and crafts, fresh food, and live music will be at the festival as well. The event welcomes families all over the country who are interested in beekeeping or just want to travel to Nashville.  


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