How to identify carpenter ants – Carpenter ants are commonly mistaken for termites. It’s an easy mistake because they can both be found in wood structures. The one distinct giveaway that its carpenter ants within the wood structure are the evidence of wood shavings. Termites are within wood structures because they are eating the wood. While carpenter ants are within the wood to build a colony, they do not eat the wood. Instead, they will chew the wood and spit it out to make way to build their tunnel. Here are some other signs to take note of to help you identify carpenter ants. 


Identifying Carpenter Ants   

“With more than 20 subspecies of carpenter ants found throughout the United States, it can be difficult to identify the army of invaders accurately in your home or business. Nonetheless, they are typically either black or dark brown, with large jaws for chewing through wood.”  

They typically measure between 3/8 and ½ of an inch. As mentioned, before they are very similar to termites and very often can be mistaken for them. Winged Carpenter ants look almost identical to winged termites. This makes it very difficult to properly identify what pest is causing damage to your home. Another factor to take note of is the size of the carpenter ant. Due to the various sizes of carpenter ant workers, this method is unreliable because they may not all be the same size.  


Carpenter Ant

How do you know you have a carpenter ant infestation?  

Carpenter ants can nest in any type of wood. However, they prefer more damper wood than dry wood. Wood that’s sat in a shaded area for a while would be a perfect habitat for carpenter ants.   

The most obvious sign that you have an infestation would be physically seeing carpenter ant workers within your home or building. This would be the first sign that you may have a problem. As mentioned before, seeing wood shavings under any wood furniture or wood structures would be another sign that you may have a carpenter ant infestation.   Another sign that there may be an infestation on the property would be seeing large, winged ants emerge from ceilings, walls, and other hidden crevices. If this is seen an infestation is almost certain. 



Carpenter Ant Nymph


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