Ant Inspections and Treatments

Ant inspections and ant treatments from U.S. Pest Protection have been proven successful. First of all, ants can be a nightmare for the homeowner that may have to deal with them. How did they get into the house? Where are they coming from? I keep spraying, but they keep coming!! There are numerous species of ants in middle Tennessee. Each species may require its own unique program for control. As a result, U.S. Pest Protection offers professional pest management programs to eliminate these insects from your home or business.


U.S. Pest Protection Inspection And Ant Treatment Methods

How can U. S. Pest Protection rid ants and other pests from your home? To start, U. S. Pest Protection provides professional training for it’s “Pest Pros”. Training involves classes on identification of pest ants. This includes learning about different ant species, biology and habits. Furthermore, there is also training on the latest ant control products and techniques. To add, most of our Pest Pros have years of experience but are also backed up by a company entomologist. An entomologist is a insect scientist that can answer difficult questions that may arise concerning ant control. Most noteworthy, U.S. Pest Protection has developed control programs for all pest ant species.


Inspection – How U.S. Pest Will Inspect For Ants

Inspection: The U.S. Pest Protection Pest Professional will first do an inspection of your home. They may ask questions as to where the ants have been see and possibly a general description. In addition, they will inspect the interior and exterior of you home. Also, during the inspection they will identify all ant species found. The control program will be based on which ants species are invading the property.

Most ant indoor infestations will originate from the exterior. During the exterior inspection the Pest Pro will look for ant nests in mulch or under rocks and landscape materials. Cracks, crevices and other entry points will be located during the inspection. In addition, food sources will be noted like honeydew producing aphid insects feeding on plants. Honeydew is an excretion from aphids that ants absolutely love to eat.

Furthermore, the inspection may also note any possible wood structural damage that may have been done by carpenter ants. All this will be taken into consideration when control measures are done on the exterior.

When indoors the pest pro will locate active ants and determine species. To add, water and food sources will be noted. Additionally, the pest pro may suggest recommendations on conditions that can increase or maintain an ant colony. This includes repairing water leaks and caulking or sealing around water or utility lines. They may suggest enclosing some food packaging inside sealed plastic storage containers.  The pest pro will determine the correct control measures needed for the interior.

It is important to know and identify ant species for the best control programs.


Some of these ants have some interesting characteristics:

  • Odorous house ants have a strong rotten coconut or blue cheese odor when crushed
  • Pharaoh ant infestations can get worse if sprayed for control
  • Carpenter ants do not eat wood but excavate hollows in the wood to create colony nests


Treatment – How U.S. Pest Will Treat For Ants

If a treatment is required indoors it will be determined based on the species of the ant. In many instances baits are used in conjunction with outdoor treatments. Consequently, for homeowners that like to cook, some ants like sweet baits and others may prefer a protein or carb bait matrix. The correct ant bait will be determined by the Pest Pro based on the ant species. Some ants such as the pharaoh ant can only be treated by baits. U.S. Pest can help with this process.


Dust Treatments

Most noteworthy, dust treatments using borates or other mineral based materials may be placed into cracks and into wall voids around plumbing lines. Also, liquid materials may be placed into cracks in high ant traffic areas. Additionally, all control materials will be applied into wall voids and cracks away from contact with children or animals. Small monitoring glue boards will be located in out of the way areas to assess the control progress. Above all, our professionals go above and beyond to protect what matters most.


Liquid Treatment Control Method

Similarly, liquid control materials will be placed around the outside foundation perimeter of your home to block ant entry. This is an extremely important control measure. U.S. Pest Protection uses a material that is recognized as the best professional exterior ant control product. Also, the pest pro may treat the weep holes in the home brick veneer with a dust or bait product. In addition, boric acid granular baits may be applied into mulch beds to help control ants nests. Carpenter ant nests in the structure will be directly treated. In contrast, recommendations may also be suggested to reduce the amount of mulch around the foundation or cut shrubs away from exterior walls.


Solutions and Services

Finally, do you need ant pest control services? U.S. Pest Protection is committed to provide the absolute best customer service and most professional ant control program available. At U.S. Pest, we do whatever it takes to protect what matters most. Our professionals service the greater Nashville area and all of Middle Tennessee. Also, we have began servicing southern Kentucky. Do you need ant control at your home or business? Call us today: 615-590-1260. Visit: uspest.com/pest-control/.



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