What is a firebrat? – Often confused with silverfish, the firebrat looks very similar. These two insects are closely related to each other, both being in order Zygentoma. Even though these insects appear similar, they are both very different. The food they eat to where they live is completely different. So, what is a firebrat?


How to identify a Firebrat?

As mentioned before, Fire Brats look very similar to silverfish. They both have two long front antennas and three prongs on the end of their abdomens. The bodies of both insects are carrot-shaped and have protective shell-like scaling on their backs. A dead giveaway that it is a firebrat, is that they are a little stouter than silverfish. Silverfish are typically longer and sleeker than Firebrats. Furthermore, Firebrats are normally mottled, grayish-brown, while silverfish are dark gray to silver.


What do Firebrats eat?

Firebrats are known to eat starches, such as things like flour, cereal, book bindings, wallpaper, and envelopes. They can become a nuisance in a hurry due to the amount they can destroy. These pests can also multiply in a hurry, so the quicker you can stop them and get rid of them, the better.


Where are Firebrats usually found within the home?

These nuisance pests will be found anywhere in the home, where there is a lot of heat, such as a boiler room, back of the oven, dryers, and water heater. These insects are known for their heat resistance abilities because they can crawl on extremely hot surfaces. They are a serious problem for commercial kitchens such as bakeries because there are a lot of really hot areas that these insects can crawl under. This, in turn, can become a problem because their waste can contaminate food.


How do I get rid of Firebrats?

Firebrats, like many pests, are difficult to get rid of on your own. These invasive insects can spread quickly and contaminate food in your pantry, eat books and other paper products. The best way to eliminate these pests is to call the professionals at U.S. Pest today! Our experts will inspect your home and determine the best course of action to remove these pests, whether it’s targeted application of insecticide and removal of infested foods. In addition, to removing the insects from your home, we can also apply treatments to the exterior of your home to prevent these pests from entering in the first place.



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