Q&A: Talking with Entomologist Ron Schwalb

We recently added Ron Schwalb, our resident Board Certified Entomologist and Corporate Technical Director, to the team here at U.S. Pest Protection. Ron sat down with us to share his knowledge of the pest management industry and his passion for all things creepy-crawly. Here are the highlights:

Q: Why is having an entomologist important for a pest control/prevention company?

A: Having an entomologist ensures that our U. S. Pest Pros are technically proficient. Plus, we’re constantly innovating by bringing in new products and better technologies that get results. Having an entomologist makes us more effective, reliable and professional.


Q: Now that you’re 30+ days into the job, how does U.S. Pest compare to some of the other companies you’ve done business with? What makes it stand out?

A: U.S. Pest is growing so fast. Professionalism, image and customer service are very important to us, so we wear ties to show we’re not just bug men – we’re professionals – pest management professionals. We protect people’shealth, environment, and property. Training is key, we teach employees well and even have experienced pest pro tutors that are a part of the training program. We don’t just spray the bugs and assume the job is done, we’re a full service company. We’re comprehensive. We manage pest populations and protect the home from future intrusions, too. We’re family owned, so we care about our customers and make sure they receive results that will last and the service they deserve.


Q: A lot of companies talk about pest control. What’s the important difference between pest control and pest prevention, as it pertains to the consumer?

A: Pest control just gets rid of the immediate problem that’s at hand. It takes care of the pests you have now, but doesn’t protect against pests that might come in the future. Pest prevention addresses that – it’s making sure that no more pests will come in, caulking around the windows – the whole deal, full service. This is true Integrated Pest Management, being proactive instead of just reactive.


Q: Why is pest prevention so important for consumers?

A: Pests carry diseases and cause damage – it’s important to protect the health of your family. Also, pest prevention protects the investment in your home – general insurance doesn’t cover termites. Stopping them before they damage your investment can make a big difference financially.


Q: How would you like to see the pest control industry evolve from a technology perspective?

A: More innovation. New technology, fielding test products – more innovation is always better.


Ron’s passion for pest control and vast industry knowledge is exceptionally valuable to our team. We’re thrilled to have him as a part of our family here at U.S. Pest!