Prehistoric pests – It’s bad enough having to deal with angry wasps, bloodsucking mosquitoes and venomous spiders, but 350 million years ago bugs were truly terrifying. These early ancestors of modern insects grew to be giants.Scientists have tried to figure out how bugs could have gotten so enormous. Some say that if we traveled back millions of years to the carboniferous period, we’d find a much higher rate of oxygen in the atmosphere, which led to immense insects. Others say they were hunted out by ancient birds. Whatever the reason, we’re glad most of them are no longer around. Just try to envision having one of these beasts living near you.



The griffenfly was king of the pests. This massive bug was the largest insect to ever roam the earth. It resembled a dragonfly and had a wingspan of over 2 feet. What we know about the griffenfly today mostly comes from wing fragments and a few body impressions, but scientists believe that, like modern day dragonflies, these insects were predators.





Giant Sea ScorpionGiant Sea Scorpion

Next on the list is the giant sea scorpion, also know as Jaekelopterus Rhenaniae. This monster of a pest was a whopping 8 feet long. If this fresh water swimmer was still around, you might think twice about jumping in the lake.

What’s even worse is that it’s claws could grow to be the size of a grown man’s head. Talk about intimidating.




Giant Land ScorpionGiant Land Scorpion

The only positive thing about the last pest was that it couldn’t chase you into the woods, but the next one could. The giant land scorpion, or P. kirktonensis, grew to be 2 feet long. And while it fed mostly on small insects, it had a sting potent enough to kill certain animals.






Currently, the largest snail is the African land snail, which can be as big as 7 inches. But 50 million years ago, it had a much bigger relative, the giant land snail.

These ancient snails lived off the shores of France and grew to nearly 2 feet in length. Just imagine going the the beach and stepping on one with your bare feet – not exactly the dream vacation.




One prehistoric pest has survived for millions of years with nearly no changes – the cockroach. This bug even predates dinosaurs. Yes, they are disgusting and invasive, but you have to give them credit for making it this far.

The biggest cockroach in the world is 9 centimeters in length and weighs 30 grams. While not as sizable as other ancient bugs, they can survive decapitation, which is pretty awesome.

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