Pest Control

You deserve to have a home free of bugs and rodents. Tennessee is home to lots of bugs that can cause a nuisance and damage. U.S. Pest Protection will help you protect your home and family from spiders, cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, ants, mice, centipedes, millipedes, ladybugs, flies, wasps and even hornets. At U.S Pest, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We understand every customer has unique needs and tailor our services to specifically target your pest problem.

Services We Provide


We make sure the exterior of your home is fully protected by servicing the landscape and mulch areas; porch ceilings; eaves and overhangs; splash blocks; water meter; weep holes of brick; thresholds of exterior doors; around garage door openings; beneath decks; any outside utility buildings; around the windows and window sills; and behind window shutters.


moldy crawlspace - US Pest Protection Nashville TN

We will treat your crawlspace for rodents and use a dust formulation to exterminate common pests, like crickets and spiders. When it comes to the interior of your home, we will conduct a full inspection to determine the right solution for you. Typically, this includes placing monitoring boards in conducive areas, along with baiting.

Crack & Crevice Areas

Since pests tend to hide in small openings, we will service all of the cracks and crevices in your home. We will eradicate bugs like ants, spiders, and roaches from beneath kitchen cabinets, utility rooms, and baths. The corners of rooms will be treated for spiders, rodents will be removed from your attic, and, to prevent exterior pests from getting in, we will install window sills throughout your home.

Flea Treatment

Fleas like to live on warm blooded animals, like dogs, cats, and even humans. Our team of experts will help you get rid of these irritating parasites by spraying all horizontal surfaces within your home with a product containing an insect growth regulator as well as an adulticide. We will also treat upholstered furniture, animal bedding, beneath beds, and furniture.

Bed Bugs Prevention

Bed Bugs prefer warm environments and, like their name suggests, tend to live in mattresses and other sleep areas. We do away with bed bug problems by using a liquid product in the cracks and crevice areas of bed frames and furniture. All horizontal surfaces are treated, dust is applied to all receptacle plates and switch plates, and mattress covers are supplied and installed on all box springs and mattresses. We even service drapes, behind pictures, closets, and the area between tack strip and walls to make sure the pests are completely wiped out.

Brown Recluse Spiders

brown recluse spider 1- US Pest Protection Nashville TN

Brown Recluses are venomous spiders that usually build their webs in dry, undisturbed areas. U.S. Pest will do a thorough inspection and treatment of cracks and crevices, attics and crawlspaces, and behind receptacle plates and switch plates to rid your home of these harmful spiders. We will also place monitoring boards in all areas where the spiders frequent.