Pest Identification: Cockroaches In Tennessee

Cockroaches are among the most disgusting, troublesome household pests you can encounter. They’re known for being tenacious and hardy, but one of the most surprising aspects of them is just how difficult they are to completely eradicate. When cockroaches get into your home through microscopic cracks in foundations, plumbing fixtures, and other areas of entry, they can really wreak havoc by carrying nasty odors and terrible diseases.

How to Identify Cockroaches

Cockroaches, due to their distinct appearance, are actually pretty easy to identify. You’ll primarily find them in your kitchen because that’s where the majority of food sources for them are, but you may experience them in bathrooms and in between couch cushions (if your infestation is particularly bad).

There are different types of cockroaches that infest homes in and around Tennessee. German cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, and brown-banded cockroaches are among the most commonly found inside homes and businesses. These insects are nocturnal and will scramble away from any light source. They feed on literally anything and everything. These insects aren’t picky; they’ve been known to feast on dead skin cells, dirty diaper contents, bananas, crumbs, and even grease splatters.

Cockroaches are particularly nasty because they can survive more than a month without food, meaning even a deep clean of your kitchen or other space may not be enough to solve the problem; they’ll just wait until there’s food for them. They can also live without their heads for weeks, only dying because they can no longer drink water.

Cockroach Prevention for Your Home

The biggest deterrent to cockroaches is keeping a spotless home and regular cleaning. Sweeping up crumbs and mopping up spills will remove potential food sources for cockroaches (and other pests). But when deep cleaning isn’t enough, professional pest treatment from U.S. Pest Protection is the best remedy for your roaches. Our technicians use tested, proven methods for cockroach removal with minimal impact to your home, family, and pets. To learn more about cockroach removal and prevention, contact U.S. Pest today for your free inspection today.

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