Pest Identification: White Rot

White rot is a wood-destroying fungus known for attacking both living and dead trees. Like all wood-decaying fungi, white rot digests moist wood. It differs from brown rot, however, in how it impacts the wood. Because of the compounds it breaks down—lignin and cellulose—white rot transforms affected wood to a white or yellowish color.

In addition to structural damage that white rot can cause, the excess moisture in which wood-decaying fungus grows can be a sign of other pest problems. Because many pests thrive in moist environments, it’s important to tackle both the fungal infestation of the wood and the conditions that helped it grow. 

If you’ve noticed white-rot fungus in or around your Nashville or Tennessee home, it’s important to take care of the problem before structural damage sets in. Contact U.S. Pest Protection today for a free inspection.

Identifying White Rot

Like most wood-decaying fungi, you’ll notice changes to the texture of the affected wood. The biggest tell of a white rot problem is a soft, spongy texture. You’ll also notice discoloration of the wood. Unlike with brown rot—which darkens and cracks—white rot will turn yellow or white.

In addition to the actual discoloration of the wood and the changes in texture, you’ll also probably see the “fruit” of the fungus in the form of small growths. While white-rot fungus is not typically dangerous—shiitake mushrooms, for example, are actually white rot—you do not want to ingest them without knowing the type of fungi they are.

Getting Rid of White Rot

You shouldn’t wait to remove white-rot fungus from the areas around your home, especially given that some white rot fungi are known to attack and parasitize living trees. In addition to weakening the structure of your home, white rot can also be a sign of moist conditions that will invite other types of pests to your home.

To get rid of white rot and address possible moisture issues in and around your home, contact the professionals at U.S. Pest Protection. We will provide a free inspection to determine the extent of your white rot problem and prescribe the best solution to treat your problem. Contact us today for more information!

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