How to Prevent Wood Decay in Tennessee

If it’s not taken care of, wood decay can cause expensive and potentially dangerous damage to your home. The best way to stop a wood decay infestation is to prevent it from even beginning. Whether you’re building a home or trying to maintain one, discover how you can prevent wood decay from invading your living space with tips from U.S. Pest Protection.

Chemically Treat Your Wood

If you’re building a new home, adding onto your current one, or replacing old wood, be sure to use chemically treated wood. Your home will be less vulnerable to wood rot if you use wood soaked in chemicals such as sodium borate, or borax. Once applied to wood, borates dry into the fibers for permanent protection.

You can also mix borax with water to create a solution that will kill any wood decay you find in your home. For questions about borax and other chemical treatments for wood, contact U.S. Pest Protection.

Fill Cracks and Holes in Your Home

Much like insects, wood decay-causing water can sneak into your home through cracks and holes. The next time it rains, be sure to check your home for dampness around the following areas:

  • Door frames
  • Windowsills
  • Your foundation
  • Vents

Any moisture around these areas could be an indication of water seeping into your home through cracks and holes. Seal any areas you suspect of having cracks or holes with caulk. While some cracks may be easy to find, it’s always wise to bring in a trained eye to inspect your home. 

Clean Out Your Gutters

While it’s a less-than-glamorous chore, cleaning out your gutters could be the difference between protecting your home’s wood or letting it be ruined by wood decay. If leaves and other debris build up in your gutters, they may overflow the next time it rains. If water isn’t properly drained, it could soak your roof and quickly lead to wood decay.

In addition to preventing water from overflowing into your roof, cleaning your gutter could also prevent moisture-attracted pests, such as carpenter ants and termites. These pests often feed on the moist debris outside of your home before finding their way inside.

Prevent Wood Decay with U.S. Pest Protection

At U.S. Pest Protection, we believe prevention is a crucial aspect of protecting your home from wood decay. If you’re concerned about wood decay infesting your home, reach out to our experts. We have the experience, skills, and tools to safeguard your home. Give yourself peace of mind, and schedule your free inspection today!






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