Deer Ticks


This tick is also known as the Black Legged Tick. However if you encounter one, here are some key characteristics of the Deer Tick.

  1. Deer Ticks are much smaller than the common Dog Tick, about the size of a sesame seed
  2. They have a Reddish body with black head markings.
  3. Males are smaller than the females and hare solid brown, no red.
  4. Nymph Deer Ticks and Adult Deer Ticks will be the culprit of sucking on a human.  The larvae are tiny as this period .


Deer Ticks are primarily in higher density in the Northeast United States.  However, we definitely have our fair share in Tennessee because of their favorite host of deer and mice. Deer Ticks carry Lyme disease which is a debilitating illness. Since 2006, Tennessee has seen over 6,000 cases of Lyme disease alone.  Over 42,000 cases of lyme disease were reported in the United States just in 2016.  Lyme disease can only be transmitted by a tick. The misdiagnosis of the symptoms often cause patients to unduly suffer because it is assumed in the early stages to look like the flu.

Some of the key symptoms of Lyme Disease are

  1. Slowly spreading bull’s eye shaped rash
  2. Facial paralysis
  3. Heart Palpitations
  4. Arthritis
  5. Severe Headaches
  6. Neurological Disorders

Make sure if you think you have been bitten by a tick in Tennessee,  take the specimen with you to the doctor with you so they can test it.


Prevention of ticks on your pets is key to keeping them off.  First and foremost, you must do regular pet inspections to ensure ticks are not on your pet.  Ticks can be anywhere on your pet, so petting them all over and checking their skin to remove ticks is helpful.  There are also many treatments at your local vet to prevent any dogs that go outside your yard.  If you have U.S. Pest’s Tick Treatment on your yard regularly then your space should not be a threat to your pet. Dogs and Cats can get ill from diseases too.  Preventing tick activity in their living space is key to keeping ticks off of them.


Avoiding Deer Ticks in Tennessee is pretty easy if you are informed. When your hiking in Tennessee, be sure to wear light colored clothing and if possible long sleeve shirts to keep ticks from attaching to your skin upon contact.  If you find a Deer Tick on you in Tennessee, remove the tick with tweezers.  The Lyme Disease cannot be transmitted unless the Deer Tick is on you for at-least 24 hours, so quick removal is important. Applying DEET on your pant legs and around your collar when hiking or in tall grass will keep Deer Ticks off of you as well.  When your done with your wilderness adventures, be sure to take a good shower and have a friend help you inspect any areas hard to reach including your scalp.

Avoiding Deer Ticks in your own backyard is really easy with U.S. Pest.  Our Tick yard treatment is an ongoing monthly program designed to protect your family and furry friends from any tick bites, guaranteed. U.S. Pest performs tick treatments for homeowners in Tennessee and we have a really great success rate.   You can Contact Us here if you would like more information or to go ahead and set up your tick treatment. The U.S Pest Tick Treatment also controls Mosquitos and Fleas.

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