How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs in Tennessee

When you encounter stink bugs in Tennessee, getting rid of them can be quite the sticky (and stinky!) situation. This pest isn’t like all the others in that it will release a putrid, lingering odor when scared, disturbed, or threatened. Likely, it will feel all three of those things once you get close to it or attempt to remove it from your home. To avoid the unpleasant smell in the aftermath of squishing and killing stink bugs, try these methods to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner with a Bag

If you’ve got a vacuum cleaner with a hose extension that can remove the stink bug from the wall, windowsill, or wherever you find it at home, this will have the critter out of your sight in one fell swoop. But beware: Unless you don’t mind unleashing a stink bomb from your vacuum into your home, your vacuum cleaner should have a bag you can dispose of immediately. Stink bugs will release an odor once they are sucked away by surprise. You can also fill a shop vac with soapy water and dispose of it afterward.

Drown Stink Bugs with Soapy Water

A solution of hot water, dish soap, and white vinegar is an effective way to kill stink bugs. This liquid combination can penetrate and dry out their tough outer armor. Using a spray bottle on the insects directly works best, but you can also spray windowsills and other entry points as a preventive measure. If you encounter multiple stink bugs inside, around your garden, or on other exterior parts of your home, you can also fill a bucket with the same solution and gently knock them into the water, which ultimately traps and drowns them.

Keep Your Home Safeguarded

Aside from sealing cracks and entry points as much as possible, a few other tactics you can try to get rid of stink bugs include:

  • Placing a fine mesh over air circulation vents
  • Placing sticky pest traps or fly tape on windowsills, baseboards, and entryways
  • Rubbing dryer sheets or spreading mint essential oil around entry points to deter them with the odor

Banish Stink Bugs in Tennessee with Professional Pest Control

Though there are simple ways to remove stink bugs from your home as you see them, DIY methods are only reactive solutions. If your home has become a haven for stink bugs, you’ll need a more proactive approach. The insect experts at U.S. Pest Protection have the years of industry experience and proactive pest control solutions for stink bugs—so don’t wait to contact us or schedule your free inspection!






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