The award for the largest nests in the entire wasp family goes to the red wasps. Their homes resemble upside down umbrellas and contain enormous families. Loud noises, bright colors, and the smell of sweet perfume all attract these stingers. It’s best to avoid leaving out food, which will also entice them. Like other wasps, they can sting multiple times and are usually less active at night.

What Do Red Wasps Look Like?

  • Like their name suggests, these wasps have red bodies.
  • Can grow as large as 1 in.

Where Do Red Wasps Live?

  • Build nests in areas that provide plenty of protection from the environment.
  • Live together in large families.

How Do I Deal With Red Wasps?

Red Wasps can be a challenge to get rid of. If you are allergic to wasps or would just like some help dealing with the problem, give U.S. Pest a call. Our pest control experts will effectively remove the wasps from in or around your home.