Pest Identification: Red Wasps in Tennessee

As one of the largest wasp species found in North America, red wasps can ruin a perfectly beautiful summer day. Whether you’re cooking out on the deck or enjoying a lazy afternoon in your hammock, one wrong move could set off these red menaces and lead to painful stingers and potentially fatal allergic reactions.

If red wasps have made your backyard their next target, it’s critical to identify them and prevent an infestation before they build a nest. Learn how to identify these stinging pests and where they may be lurking on your property.

Already dealing with red wasps? Bring in the experts from U.S. Pest Protection. We provide effective red wasp control and prevention services for Nashville, Brentwood, and other areas in Tennessee.

How to Identify Red Wasps

True to their name, red wasps are red in color and measure about an inch in length. They also have dark, blackish-purple wings. Like other wasp species, they typically prey on other insects, but are attracted to humans’ leftovers. Prevent wasps from invading your yard by cleaning up after any outdoor activity involving food.

Additionally, red wasps aren’t as aggressive as their smaller yellow jacket cousins, it’s best to leave dealing with them to pest professionals. If threatened, they release a warning pheromone that draws other members of their colonies to attack. If you suspect these stinging pests have wandered into your backyard, contact U.S. Pest Protection.

Where to Find Red Wasps

While yellow jackets’ underground nests are hard to find, there’s no mistaking whether or not there’s a red wasp nest in your backyard. Red wasps build large, umbrella-shaped nests out of chewed-up wood in the following areas:

  •  Trees
  • Roof eaves
  • Decks
  • Sheds

If you’ve discovered a red wasp nest, bring in U.S. Pest Protection’s professionals to inspect and take care of it.

Eliminate Red Wasps with U.S. Pest Protection

Don’t let red wasps take control of your backyard. When you need effective solutions for controlling and preventing wasp infestations in Tennessee, you can depend on U.S. Pest Protection. From identifying potential risk factors for an infestation to sealing cracks and holes in your home and removing nests, we’ve got you covered. Protect your home and family from red wasps—schedule your free inspection today!

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