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Often times confused for bees, yellow jackets have yellow bodies with black stripes. But unlike bees, these bugs exhibit very aggressive behavior and possess the capability to attack multiple times. When hungry, they prefer to eat other insects but also enjoy human food, like sweet drinks, candy, and juices.

Yellow jackets build their nests in the ground and in logs, with thousands of them capable of inhabiting a single colony. If you see several of them coming and going from a hole in the ground, you likely have discovered their nest. Don’t get too close, and be careful – even the sound of a lawn mower can trigger an attack.


What Do Yellow Jackets Look Like?

  • There are several deaths associated with yellow jacket each year.
  • Their small black and yellow bodies warn potential predators of their harmful stinger.
  • These wasps usually grow to about ½ in. long.

Where Do Yellow Jackets Live?

  • Build their nest in the ground.
  • Sometimes found in rotting logs.

How Do I Deal With Yellow Jackets?

Getting rid of yellow jackets can be tricky because they tend to build their nests in the ground. If you notice several in your yard, it’s best to call your local pest control provider to take care of the problem for you.