Pest Identification: Yellow Jackets in Tennessee

If you have black- and yellow-striped insects flying in your Tennessee backyard, don’t assume they’re bumblebees—they may be yellow jackets, a species of wasps. Unlike their buzzing, honey-making cousins, yellowjackets are extremely aggressive and can sting their unsuspecting victims multiple times. From leaving massive welts to triggering allergic reactions, it’s crucial to prevent yellow jackets from nesting on your property.

Unfortunately, while they typically hunt other insects, yellow jackets are often drawn to Tennessee backyards by unattended drinks, leftovers from barbecues, and other human food waste. If they recognize your backyard as a consistent source of food, they could build their nests in it and ruin your summer.

Discover how to identify yellow jackets and the ways U.S. Pest Protection safeguards your backyard and summer fun from these unpleasant invaders. We’re proud to provide yellow jacket control solutions for a variety of areas in Nashville and Tennessee.

How to Identify Yellow Jackets

It’s always best to leave pest identification to the professionals—especially if you suspect the pest you’re dealing with is a yellow jacket or other stinging insect. Yellow jackets are easily disturbed and can sting you repeatedly if you don’t have the proper protection and equipment.

If you do cross paths with a yellow jacket, however, look for the following traits to determine its identity:

  • Black and yellow bands
  • Hairless, segmented body with thin waist
  • Around ½ inch in length
  • Long, slender wings

If you suspect yellow jackets have invaded your yard, contact U.S. Pest Protection. We’ll send out our technicians to identify your pests safely and accurately.

Where to Find Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets build their nests under the ground and inside logs. A single colony can contain more than one thousand of these aggressive pests, and they will continue to build onto the nest without pest control efforts.

If you see several yellow jackets traveling to and from a hole in the ground, you’ve likely discovered their nest. If you do find a yellow jacket nest, do not approach it–yellow jackets are extremely defensive, and even the sound of a lawn mower passing over their nest can trigger an attack. Instead, contact our experts and see how they can help.

Get Rid of Yellow Jackets with U.S. Pest Protection

Getting rid of yellow jackets can be tricky, as they often build their nests underground. While you may be tempted to try your hand at do-it-yourself yellow jacket solutions, you’re more likely to end up with a swarm of furious wasps than a pest-free backyard.

Rather than risk the safety of yourself or your loved ones, you can depend on U.S. Pest Protection’s team of experienced, dedicated pest professionals. With our tools, technology, and training, we’ll rid your property of yellow jackets and prevent them from ever returning. Schedule your free yellow jacket inspection and protect your yard today.

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