How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Tennessee

The aptly named silverfish is a small silver, wingless, and fish-like insect whose diet consists of carbohydrates such as sugar or starches. Though they can thrive in most climates, this pest prefers hanging out in dark and damp areas like your basement, garage, kitchen, or bathroom. To the dismay of many Tennessee residents, silverfish can also be found in bedrooms near dressers, desks, or bookshelves, as they feed on papers, sheets, clothing, cotton, and linens. Here are ways you can start to get rid of silverfish ASAP.

Use Silverfish Traps

If you want to get rid of silverfish quickly, invest in some traps. These small packets are designed to trap and poison silverfish with boric acid. Try to place traps near areas that you’d likely find silverfish, such as:

  • Bookshelves
  • Dressers
  • Under sinks
  • Pantries

Due to the toxicity of boric acid, make sure to place these packets out of reach for children and pets.

Use Natural Repellants

If you’re hesitant to use traps laced with harmful chemicals, there are natural ways to prevent silverfish infesting your home. Due to their sensitive sense of smell, silverfish are repelled by strong-smelling scents. Natural silverfish repellents include:

  • Cedar oil: You can use cedar oil in a diffuser or mix it with water in a spray bottle to repel silverfish.
  • Basil: Sprinkle dried basil leaves near the baseboards of your home.
  • Spices: Hang small packs of strong-smelling spices (cinnamon, cloves, etc.) in pantries or cabinets.
  • Lavender: Use a lavender spray or diffusing oil to keep silverfish away.

Contact the Pest Experts for Silverfish Control in Tennessee

Silverfish move quickly and unpredictably—so even when you do spot them, they’re hard to catch! If your Tennessee home has become a silverfish sanctuary, you can count on U.S. Pest Protection for preventative silverfish control solutions to help ensure that when they’re gone, they won’t want to return. Reach out to us to address your silverfish infestation today, or schedule your free inspection now!






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