How To Get Rid Of Fireflies in Tennessee

In general, fireflies are not considered pests. However, some people consider them a nuisance. Additionally, fireflies can be toxic to small pets if ingested. No matter why you may want to rid your yard of these glowing insects, they are considered a crucial part of your yard’s ecosystem and should be humanely removed. Discover how to remove fireflies from your yard without harming them with U.S. Pest Protection.

Catch Fireflies at Dusk

While it may be time-consuming, catching fireflies in a net and placing them in a jar is the most humane, do-it-yourself way to remove them from your yard. Interested in alternative professional solutions for getting rid of fireflies? Contact U.S. Pest Protection.

Before catching fireflies, it’s important to prepare your jar properly. Use a glass jar with holes poked in the lid to ensure the fireflies can breathe. Place a damp paper towel in the jar, as well, to keep them from drying out. If you plan to keep the fireflies longer than a day, place an apple slice in the jar for food.

The best time to catch fireflies is after sundown, as they actively flash their lights in search of mates. Once you’re ready to relocate them away from your yard, be sure to release them at dusk to protect them from predators.

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