Pest Identification: Field Crickets in Tennessee

Field crickets are a common sight during the spring and summer months in Tennessee, and their signature chirp is often associated with warm summer nights. Field crickets are often seen outside but can occasionally make their way inside through cracks in your foundation or door and window seals. Once inside, they are generally harmless, but they can damage clothing and ornamental plants if populations are too high. 

Evidence of Field Crickets In and Around Your Home

Field crickets are dark brown to black with long antennae and are up to one inch long. Outside, field crickets are found in fields and open pastures and generally feed on grass and agricultural crops. In late summer and early fall, field crickets will accidentally make their way inside and are a nuisance to homeowners on account of their constant chirping through the night to the early morning. 

Once inside, field crickets hide in moist dark areas in the home during the day and are active at night. Indoors, field crickets feed on wool, silk, cotton, nylon, leather, and even rubber. Soiled or sweaty clothing are very attractive to them. Clothing that has been damaged by crickets will have an unraveled appearance. 

Control Field Cricket Populations with U.S. Pest

To keep field cricket populations low in your home, seal cracks in your foundation, siding, and window and door seals that serve as possible entry points. Moving vegetation and debris away from your home can also reduce hiding spots and breeding grounds for field crickets. Vacuuming regularly can also remove eggs that might be hidden around your home. 

While field crickets pose a small threat to Tennessee homeowners, too many field crickets can be a problem. If large populations of field crickets can destroy crops, imagine what they can do in your home. When preventative measures still won’t keep field crickets out, schedule a free consultation with U.S. Pest Protection today! Our knowledgeable technicians are on standby to help you pinpoint and get rid of the field crickets in your home. 

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