Pest Identification: Oriental Cockroaches in Tennessee

One of the larger species of cockroaches, oriental cockroaches are sometimes referred to as “water bugs” due to their affinity for damp places like sewers, drains, basements, and other wet areas. They are also sometimes referred to as “black beetles” because of their dark, smooth, and glossy bodies. Contrary to their name, oriental cockroaches were thought to have originated in Africa or south Russia. 

Oriental cockroaches typically gain entry into Tennessee households by crawling underneath doors and through gaps beneath siding, as well as following pipes, sewers, and drains. These roaches can typically be found feeding on garbage, sewage, or decaying organic matter, but they will eat almost anything—especially foods high in starch. Like many cockroaches, these insects can spread dangerous bacteria, viruses, and parasites from their bodies, as well as trigger asthma when they shed their skin. 

If you suspect oriental cockroaches have found their way into your home or building, U.S. Pest Protection provides professional pest control in Tennessee. With targeted treatments and advanced pest management strategies, we can eliminate these harmful insects from your residence or building and apply pest barriers to prevent their return. Contact us today to learn how we can keep roaches out of your property. 

How to Identify Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are glossy black to a dark reddish-brown. As adults, male and female roaches are both large in size, but significantly different in appearance. Males are smaller, growing to only 25mm in length and featuring three-quarter-length wings. Because of this, you can see the last few abdominal segments of their bodies. Females grow up to 32mm in length and feature no wings, but they have large wing pads that cover the first few segments of their bodies. It’s important to note that neither male nor female oriental cockroaches can fly. 

Where to Find Oriental Cockroaches

During the warmer months, oriental cockroaches can be found outdoors near gutters, in moist landscaping, and going in and out of sewer drains at night. During the day, these roaches stay in dark, moist, and undisturbed areas—such as in damp basements or crawl spaces inside your Tennessee home.

One of the telltale signs of an oriental cockroach infestation is spotting their egg capsules. These capsules range from 8mm to 10mm in length and are dark brown to reddish. Oriental cockroach eggs typically appear when you have a severe infestation on your hands. Another sign of an infestation is a noxious, musty odor. These roaches secrete chemicals to communicate with one another. 

Protect Your Property Against Oriental Cockroaches with U.S. Pest Protection

Due to their size, dealing with an oriental cockroach infestation in your Tennessee home can be extremely unsettling—not to mention dangerous for you and your family. Fortunately, when you partner with U.S. Pest Protection, our trained technicians will use environmentally friendly treatments to eliminate oriental cockroach colonies quickly. Additionally, we will notify you of any cockroach-conducive conditions around your property, as well as implement pest control barriers to prevent them from finding their way into your home or building again.

Protect your space from oriental cockroaches—contact our team today to schedule your pest control inspection in Tennessee.

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