How to Prevent Beetles in Tennessee

When it comes to beetles, preventing an infestation is a much easier task than getting rid of one. Once beetles have infested your home, they can cause damage to your upholstered furniture or just generally become a nuisance. There are a variety of solutions for preventing beetles from invading your home.

From proper cleaning and food storage to limiting the entries into your home, discover beetle prevention tips from U.S. Pest Protection. If you’re not sure where to begin with your beetle prevention efforts, contact our experts.

Keep Your Food Storage Areas Clean

Many types of beetles are drawn to your home’s food storage. Keep your pantry and cupboards free of crumbs and other food particles to discourage beetles from invading your kitchen. Wipe down jars, check boxes for tears or holes, and monitor your pantry for signs of a potential infestation, such as droppings or dead beetles.

In addition to keeping your food storage areas clean, secure your food in plastic, airtight containers. Beetles can potentially chew through paper bags and squeeze through boxes and twist-tied plastic bags. Plastic containers ensure your food stays fresh and out of beetles’ reach.

Seal Potential Entrances into Your Home

Once you’ve secured the interior of your home, it’s crucial to take preventive measures outside, as well. Cleaning your home is only half the battle, as beetles can still invade your living space if they find cracks and holes to slip through. To beetle-proof your home, seal any cracks or holes around the following areas:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Air vents

While these key areas deserve beetle prevention efforts, other infestation hazards and potential entries into your home require a trained expert to identify. U.S. Pest Protection experts are trained to inspect in and around your home for a variety of potential infestation hazards.

Keep Your Home Free of Beetles with U.S. Pest Protection

If you want to protect your home from beetles successfully, call in the experts from U.S. Pest Protection. While do-it-yourself solutions may temporarily prevent beetles, it takes knowledgeable pest control professionals to keep your home completely protected. For effective beetle prevention solutions, contact U.S. Pest Protection for a free inspection and estimate today.






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