Pest Solutions for Ants

The species of ant involved will determine the best solution and proper identification of the ants will help greatly in the treatment. There are certain characteristics that will help determine what type of ant you are dealing with simply by locating the nest or looking for evidence of ant activity. Fire Ants will have soil mounds in the lawn, park or school yard and similar areas especially after periods of rain. Carpenter Ants will show evidence of activity because they are producing wood shavings and throwing them on the ground below their tunnels. Usually when there is an ant infestation there will be signs of moisture issues in a home and eliminating the water source will drive the ants away.

The best way to control ants is to locate their nest and treat the nest directly.  In the event the nest is inaccessible or cannot be located then our baiting system will be extremely effective.

Ants will respond and aggressively seek out our baits whether they are nesting indoors, outdoors, under slabs, under sidewalks or even in crawl spaces. The other method we use to treat for ants is to apply a residual product in and around the home to place a barrier so that ants will not be able to forage into your home.

Frequent treatments are necessary if you have an ant infestation, which any of our pest control programs will be able to handle.







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