It seems like nothing is worse than walking right through a spider web. With the fear that the spider is still connected to the web, we all do a little dance trying to get every piece of webbing off. However, when we are not walking through spider webs, they can always be admired from a distance. Carefully crafted and always very intricate, spider webs are something of a mystery. To begin, why do orb-weaving spiders make patterned webs?

Why do they make patterned webs?

In North America alone, there are 180 species of orb-weaving spiders. Each species spins its webs a little differently and in various patterns. So why is this the case? Depending on the habitat in which the spider lives, it will change how the spider spins its web. Typically orb-weaving spiders will create a circular web with a crisscrossing pattern. There is no other creature in the animal kingdom that makes silk webs quite like orb-weaving spiders.

These large circular webs can be seen from a distance, due to their size and the bright white zigzag pattern going down the middle. The zigzag pattern is called the stabilimentum and it is used as a camouflage to warn birds of the web’s presence. The stabilimentum is also used to attract prey. Additionally, the use of the zig-zag pattern in these spider webs is only consistent with other spiders who hunt in the daylight, such as the yellow garden spider.


Why do orb weaving spider make patterned webs

Yellow Garden Spider

Where can I find orb-weaving spiders?

One of the most common orb-weaving spiders would be the yellow garden spider. Here in Tennessee, they can be found in every backyard, waiting in their webs for prey to fly in. Their webs can be pretty big and they can be found hanging right in the middle of it. According to the journal of Functional Ecology, author, Po Peng explains that yellow garden spiders have the ability to attract prey with their bright yellow abdomen. This is one of the main reasons they stay right in the middle of the web instead of the corners.


Are spiders becoming a problem in your backyard?

Orb weaving spiders produce incredibly beautiful webs, however, if these spiders get out of hand, they can become a nuisance in a hurry. No one wants to find spiders in their home and with U.S. Pest they do not have to. Call our team of professionally trained pest technicians and they can help identify where your spider problem is coming from. Call 615-822-8500 or visit uspest.com today for a free inspection!



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