Where Do Mosquitoes Live – Mosquitoes are a pesky pest to have flying around your home. They are also potentially dangerous because they can be carriers of very deadly disease. So, what is attracting these pests to your property.  


Mosquitoes are attracted to stagnate water on your property. Stagnate water is water that does not move so a puddle in your backyard would be an example. Mosquito’s like stagnate water because is where they can lay their eggs. Their larvae and pupil, live in the water and this is where the mature into adults. The more stagnate water on your property, the more room mosquitoes have to increase their population. Some mosquitoes prefer to live in clean water, while others choose to live in more nutrient rich waters.  


Where Do They Go When It Rains?  

When it is raining, you normally will not see any mosquitoes. Once the rain has stopped, water puddles emerge, that is when they reappear. Mosquitoes hide under leaves during rain showers but come out after the rain to infest around standing puddles of water, lakes, & creeks.  


Where Else Can Mosquitoes Live? 

Mosquitoes are very sneaky pests, and they do a good job getting into homes. To avoid this from happening it is important to close all doors and windows. If you leave your doors and windows open these pests can find their way into your home. Even though mosquitoes may not live long when they sneak into your house, they can still get a couple last bites from the occupants inside.  


How To Limit The Amount Of Mosquitoes On Your Property 

 As mentioned before mosquitoes are attracted to stagnate water. It’s important that you don’ have a lot of stagnate water on your property. If you do there are ways to fix that, such as installing a French draining system or grading your yard. These are both effective methods of getting rid of stagnate water on your property.  

 To avoid mosquitoes finding their way into your home it is recommended that you install screen doors. Installing a screen on every door of the house, helps to limit the number of mosquitos who are sneaking in. For people who enjoy leaving the door open instead of using the ac this is recommended. 


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