Stagnate Water Attracts Mosquitoes РAfter it rains for a while, water tends to stay in a puddle. If these puddles of water are in your backyard, they may be attracting mosquitos. Mosquitos are attracted to stagnate water, and this is where they lay their eggs. If the property around your house is not good at draining water, you may have a lot of standing water.  

What Are Some Of The Reasons For Stagnate Water On Your Property? 


If you enjoy gardening, you probably also like watering your plants. Overwatering your plants can create standing water in your grass if you do not have proper drainage on the property. Another instance of overwatering would include watering your grass. If you notice a lot of standing water left over from watering your grass, you may be watering it too long.  

If you have an irrigation system set up on your lawn, you should not see any issues with stagnate water.  

Improper Grading  

If you are having any stagnant water issues having your lawn graded may be helpful. A lawn grade helps drains water away from your home and toward the street or a storm sewer. However, if the lawn is not graded correctly, water can collect faster than it can drain. Improper drainage can also cause water to accumulate in natural low spots of your yard and could eventually seep into your crawlspace. 

Heavy Rain 

This may be a no-brainer, but rainwater can collect quickly. If it has rained continuously for several days, it may not give the drainage system enough time to drain all the water in your yard. The soil will also soak up a lot of this water. However, if it has been raining for several day’s the soil may not be able to hold any more water. This, in turn, will turn the dirt into mud that can hold stagnate water.¬†



How To Improve The Drainage On Your Property to Avoid Stagnate Water

One of the more popular ways to improve the drainage situation near your home is to install a French drainage system. A French drainage system is a very effective way to get rid of stagnate water on your property. It begins with using gravel, a trench, an underground perforated pipe, and the power of gravity to direct surface water toward the lowest point of the pipe. How it works is water will first flood the trench, then seep into the pipe and flow away from the foundation of your home. This is a very effective system of drainage because it helps get rid of stagnate water near the home. 


Once the stagnate water is gone from your yard, there will be less mosquito activity.  

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