1. House Container Mosquito, CULEX
  2. Asian Tiger Mosquito, AEDES ALBOPICTUS
  3. Yellow Fever Mosquito,AEDESA EGYPTI


  1. May have a preference for beer drinkers
  2. Male mosquitoes don’t bite
  3. Mosquitos are attracted to the carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and octanol in our breath and sweat
  4. Mosquitoes carry diseases such as malaria and yellow fever, but in Tennessee, it’s the West Nile virus and dog heartworm we protect you from
  5. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in body’s of water and waterlogged soil
  6. Our mosquito treatments also control ticks


Pale brown in color with white stripes,  mosquitos will nest in decaying matter water areas. Anything that holds water will be harborage for mosquitos.  These mosquitoThese eggs typically take 10 to 14 days to hatch although they can take longer, depending on the weather. Culex restuans is a very similar species in looks and habits, but is more prevalent in the Eastern and Central parts of the United States.

All diseases can transmit many diseases.


This species of mosquitoes can be identified by the bright white or silver stripes on its abdomen, thorax and legs. Unlike other types of mosquitoes belonging to Culex, the female Asian tiger mosquito is a daytime feeder and can be an aggressive biter. Males do not bite.

Types of mosquitoes belonging to the genus Aedes have similar breeding habits. Females often lay eggs in clean, standing water. They are drawn to containers such as birdbaths or flowerpots. Eggs that have been flooded after a rainstorm can hatch in a short amount of time under the correct temperatures, making it easier for these mosquito types to spread. Species of mosquitoes belonging to Aedes tend to be weak flyers and often won’t travel more than one-half of a mile away from their original breeding sites.


The yellow fever mosquito has been known to the United States for many centuries. It caused more U.S. troop casualties during the Spanish-American war than the war itself, as a result of transmitting the yellow fever.

Because both types of mosquitoes belong to the Aedes genus, this species of mosquitoes have similar feeding and breeding habits to the Asian tiger. However, the population of the yellow fever mosquito has declined in many areas following the arrival of the Asian tiger mosquito, although it is still prevalent in some regions.

While they can be a nuisance when enjoying outdoor activities, mosquitoes can also spread many illnesses that negatively impact people in Tennessee with horrible diseases such as West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, and Zika virus.

Many mosquitos are most active at dusk and at dawn. Be more vigilant during outdoor activities at these times. Windy conditions make it difficult for mosquitoes to move around and locate their prey.  People give off carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes.  Fans can be helpful in deterring mosquitoes. Wearing light-colored, loose fitting clothes (long pants and sleeves) can help protect you when you are outside in areas where mosquitoes are found.  Mosquitoes can bite through tight fitting clothes.

U.S. Pest has proven and successful mosquito treatments that are also bee friendly.  We offer year round prevention and control.

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